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How To Apple Search Ads arrives in Spain

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How To Apple Search Ads arrives in Spain

How To Apple Search Ads arrives in Spain

A few days ago that Apple Search Ads has arrived in Spain, the advertising platform of the apple company expands the countries where it allows advertising. Now from Spain we can carry out recruitment campaigns for applications in the App Store.

It is quite similar to Google Ads so if you are familiar with Google tools it will be easy to co founder email list create new campaigns. Personally I still prefer the Adwords interface.

To promote the new ad platform give $ 100 of investment, you only have to set up the account and add to payment method to use the money.

This service was available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but now it will also be in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

What is ASA?

ASA or Apple Search Ads is the new platform for capturing users within the iOS environment (Apple). It is based on search ads like the Universal App Campaigns.

Apple has been slow to create its ad platform, was launched in the US in October 2016, after many requests from developers and marketing managers to promote their apps in the App Store. Now we have one more tool to improve the ASO of an app.

August 1, 2018 was the first day that the campaigns have been seen and it must be said that the ads have maintained a similar aesthetic (blue background and always the “ad” label).

Types of Apple Search Ads

Apple offers two ways to make campaigns, to faster and simpler and another with more configuration options. Perhaps we could say that ASA basic is like the UAC of Google (fast and simple to configure) while the ASA Advanced would like to search campaign in Adwords but oriented to apps.

ASA Basic

Search Ads Basic are the easiest campaign type to configure, though, fully customizable. Due to its simplicity, we could say that it is aimed at a less qualified user profile in mobile marketing or with less time.

At the moment it is not active in Spain, but it is expected to be active by the end of August 2018.

ASA Advanced

Search Ads Advanced are more complete, let us choose keywords, segmentations and offer to panel of reports from where we can control the key KPIs of our campaigns, etc. Without a doubt, they are the recommended option and the only one available right now in Spain.

Structure of Apple Search Ads

I have not yet been able to activate a campaign, but I can say that from what I have seen the structure of the ASA campaigns are similar to those of Google Ads.

To configure the account depends on whether we work for our company or we are an agency that manages several clients.

Advertising account: We must configure the payment method, API, connect with the apps, etc. The payment method will affect the campaign groups and campaigns below, it’s like an MCC in Google Ads.

Campaign group: It is a way to organize campaigns. It makes more sense if we are an agency, since we will have one group per client, with their data. If the client is the one who pays the invoice directly, we must configure it in another way, since the credit leaves the advertising account.

Campaign: It is from where we are going to manage the campaign towards a single app. Edit the budget, activate and pause the campaign, view the history, results, etc.

Ad group: Same as Google Ads. We select certain keywords and a budget for an ad group. It is the best way to know the performance of each group of keywords.

It is important to know the profile of our target audience, since we can guide the campaigns with greater precision.