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How to automate marketing processes? 7 useful tools

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How to automate marketing processes? 7 useful tools

In the  you learned what marketing automation means and its advantages and importance when applying it to businesses and companies. buy youtube views Today we will see how to implement marketing automation effectively, and considerations before doing so , so you can avoid headaches. As an extra, we tell you what are the 7 most used tools in marketing automation, so thatevaluate which ones adapt to you and the needs of your business.

Implementing automation

Before acting, define your strategy

Defining your strategy is key in order to implement automation. You must know how you will act to get your leads to finally become customers. Once your strategy has been defined, you can begin to think about the actions you must take to make it come true. Only then can you find a marketing automation tool that suits your needs. Start looking for the tool and then the strategy is a mistake that should be avoided.

The objective when creating a content strategy is not only to generate traffic, because only with traffic we will not be able to promote conversions. On the contrary, you must generate valuable and interesting content so that your users stay interested in your brand, company or product, as well as disseminate the content through various channels that attract new leads. Once we know which customers are interested (we will know why they will subscribe to the newsletter or download content) we can use lead nurturing actions  that will keep interested prospects and guide them little by little to the purchase process. All this is done through the regular delivery of relevant and personalized content relevant to the interactions of such prospects.

It is also very important that we maintain a strict management of leads and that we know perfectly all the steps that a client usually follows since he knows the company, brand or product until the purchase. In the same way, we must understand why those who do not become customers do not buy, what are their objections. This awareness of our leads helps us to define our strategy even more.

We must think deeply about all this before we start looking for marketing automation tools simply because we must first know what actions we need to automate . Knowing what our ideal prospect is, generating a good content strategy that keeps you interested and maintaining an effective lead management that guides the prospect to the purchase process, are necessary actions before even thinking about automation. Once we know what our client needs, and we know how to give it to them, we can begin to automate such processes.

Some last considerations

However, we must not take automation to the point of not maintaining any relationship with our users. We can automate for example the sending of e-mails with relevant content or the follow-up of an interested user (and this once we know the potential client, we know what their needs are and how to solve them) but it is not possible to automate the whole process selling. The tools we use to automate need to be evaluated to see if they have met their objectives, if they are efficient. And especially they need to be modified continuously so that they adapt to the development of the business.

Automated marketing is not free or cheap. That is why it is so important that you consciously digest and meditate all the points mentioned above, in that way you will know what actions you want and need to automate, and therefore, in what tool to invest.

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7 tools to automate marketing processes in your business

Now we will list, in no particular order, some specialized tools in marketing automation. Having said all of the above, you can start to keep in mind which are the best known tools in the automation marketing market , so you can evaluate which ones adapt to the needs of your business.