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How to create user properties in Fire base Analytics

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How to create user properties in Fire base Analytics

Segmenting user data will allow us to analyze the habits of different groups of users. How do those who buy vs those who do not buy?

In board Of directors email list, planning is fundamental to understand and transmit information to developers, analysts and marketing experts. We must create a document with the events and user properties that we need, detailing the name, description …

There is a limit of 25 and they can not be deleted! so be careful when you believe them.

To analyze mobile applications it is necessary to work hand in hand with an Android or iOS developer. Later we will see why.

What are user properties?
The user properties in Firebase are how the “custom dimensions” of Google Analytics, give us information about the attributes of the users, that is, about how users are doing actions within the app.

When an event is launched it contains attributes of the user that we want to know (sex, age, country, app version, device category …).

Event: Click on “rent a car”.

It is launched when the user clicks the “rent a car” button. An event will be posted to the console.

User properties: User attributes will arrive next to the event. Automatic and personalized: Sex: “Man”, Country: “Spain”, Version of the app: “2.0.3”, Car preference: “Berlina”, etc.

  • Custom dimensions in Analytics can be hits, sessions or users, while user properties in Firebase are always users.

How to create user properties in Firebase Analytics
Once we have planned the user properties that we want to measure we must request the help of an Android or iOS developer to help us with the implementation.

Some basic properties are included automatically when the SDK is configured:

  • Sometimes some property may not show data. For example, the interests are only shown if we have the ad ID added in the compilation of the APK. We must investigate case by case so that all of us can report information. It’s developers work.

Add user properties to the Firebase Analytics console
The first thing is to add the properties to the console, for this it is important that we write the name as it will appear in the app, it can not be edited or deleted.

  • Uppercase counts, so it will not be the same “UserClient” as “userclient”. We would be measuring different things.

Remember that just like in Analytics we can not use these properties to store personal information (email, phone, ID …).

Implement the code in the APP
Add the code in the app that includes the user property in the development environment we are using (Android Studio or XCode). This part depends on the developers so we will need your help.

Check that it works
With DebugView of Firebase we can activate the debug mode to see what we have implemented.

Once verified that everything works, and without retroactive effect, we will begin to obtain data of the user properties implemented.