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How to get MORE real Instagram followers without cheating

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How to get MORE real Instagram followers without cheating

How to get MORE real Instagram followers without cheating

Instagram is a social network with brutal power and, currently, one of the most popular and with more interaction. Its growth in the last 5 years has been excessive so if you want to get followers on Instagram in an organic and well done, follow these steps I show you below.

Instagram as a Marketing platform
4 million “likes” per day on Instagram make this social network a very interesting channel for all those who seek to generate that engagement with the audience that is so important today in Marketing.

For that reason, betting today on Instagram can mean getting an interaction 10 times greater than on Facebook, leaving it in the background in the eyes of those seeking a social network in which to expose themselves.

However, get followers, likes and other interactions is not something that is achieved from one day to the next coordinator email list. To establish a really attractive and successful profile capable of attracting followers and generating interaction in a natural way requires constant dedication and care.

To help you get more followers and increase the engagement of your Instagram account, I show you below a series of guidelines and tips that you can apply right now:

 Maximize your Instagram profile
Here I show you a series of steps to follow to optimize your profile and gain followers when users enter your profile.

Upload your logo or clear image to your profile.
It provides users with a way to get in touch with you.
Highlight essential information about your business. Tell them who you are and what you do!
Take your personality in your description of 150 characters and highlight that “something” that makes you different.
Remember to add a link!

Write a biography that highlights
To give a more striking and visual touch to your Instagram bio, you can turn to applications such as Fancytext, a free website where you will find various sources to use in your profile:

Here I show you how to do it in a small tutorial:

Your #Instagram bio should never exceed 150 characters and do not forget to insert an external link.
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Be creative and get noticed with Stories
It is possible that of all the Instagram Stories that you see throughout the day, very few of them seem striking or interesting. True?

So that your Stories get attention and that helps to get followers in an easier way you need something more than constancy. You need creativity You need to impact.

It may happen that you do not feel or are not very creative. In those cases where creativity does not flow you can be inspired by other users or even resort to pages where you already have templates for Instagram, both in video and in image, prepared for it.

Using creative and impacting Stories will help attract new followers

In most cases, these templates are ready and optimized to only replace the content (text and image) with yours. Thus, you can customize each detail of the same making it different from all others.

If you use this resource you can give it a touch more ‘pro’ than with mobile applications. We have the example of Unfold, a widely used app that does not allow us to customize the templates as much as we would like.

The option that I recommend is Envato, where you can access a huge amount of perfect templates of all styles.

 Use well-selected hashtags
Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but that does not mean you have to put those 30. In fact, it can even be harmful if you do it.

By using well-selected hashtags on our social networks we can make anyone with the same interests discover us.

Below I will show you a method to grow your Instagram account strategically through a selection of the best hashtags.

But, first of all, keep in mind a series of recommendations:REMEMBER:

● If you are going to use hashtags, it is better that they be relevant. That is, do not target 30 random tags because it is the top you can enter since you will go crazy with the Instagram algorithm and you will not like it.

● Always using the same hashtags is not the correct option either. With this you will not reach the desired people. The key is to vary, to investigate and to see what really works.

● Repeatedly using the same main hashtags is also a problem because they are the ones used by everyone and therefore are more difficult to position.

► How to choose the right hashtag?
When looking for and selecting the hashtags that you will use in your strategy, keep in mind 2 aspects:

  1. Speed ​​goals to get Likes: It is considered a good hashtag for the speed of likes received when putting that hashtag and upload the publication. That speed will determine if the hashtag chosen is good or not.
  2. Objectives of likes and comments: That is, how many times you get likes and comments when using that particular hashtag.

 Tip: If you are starting or you have less than 5000 followers, you should bet on the hashtag that are not very popular. Thanks to these, you will not compete with larger accounts and will make positioning easier.

To help you in your search for the most appropriate hashtag for your strategy, I recommend a very useful website: all-hashtag.

► How to use hashtags on Instagram to increase your visibility?
When using the hashtags in your Instagram strategy to get more visibility and, therefore, get more followers, keep in mind 2 locations: your biography and your Stories.

Take advantage of the 150 characters of your biography to put 3 hashtags following the guidelines I mentioned in the previous point.

But be careful with the Stories that here things change. Insert only a hashtag in Stories. When we fill this type of hashtags, we do not give a good image and it does not help us grow.

Filling your Stories with hashtags does not give a good image and does not help you grow. #Instagram
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► Do not use forbidden hashtags!
So is. There are hashtags that have been vetoed by Instagram. If you are curious to know what they are, in Iqhashtags you can find out.

This page will not only tell you the banned or ‘banned’ hashtags but it will give you a complete and free statistics of all your hashtags used so far.

However, if you want to know much more about the whole hashtag theme, you will be interested in this post from Aula CM on how to use Hashtags in your Social Media strategy.

Analyze and detect your “best” followers
Something fundamental in Instagram to gain followers is to see who follows you, who stops you from following and, of course, “spy” who you spy.

This translates to see who gets into your profile but does not follow you. For this you have at your disposal a free tool called REPORTS +, both in its IOS version and Android.

Personally, I have tried many of these applications and this is highly recommended since its free version (although it also has one for payment) shows you relevant information such as:

The followers that you have lost.
The followers won.
Followed users who do not follow you.
The followers you do not follow
With the paid version you can access a very interesting section that are new visitors to your profile that are not yet followers. Try it and you will see how you can increase your followers by having more control over them.

  Choose very well when to publish
Choosing when to post on Instagram is another decisive factor to get more followers and, above all, improve interaction and engagement with your community.

Depending on how your followers will have some habits and a few hours to use Instagram. This data varies a lot from one account to another so I suggest a free tool so you can measure this and get many more followers and likes in your posts: Whentopost.

This app is available for both Android and IOS and you only need to link your Instagram account to start working. Quickly and efficiently, Whentopost will show you the 3 best hours to upload your content to Instagram.

 Does buying followers on Instagram work?
NEVER. That’s how blunt I tell you. This route can be viable if you want to fill your ego to see your number and see reflected the minimum number of 10 thousand followers to insert links in your stories but I can assure you that it will only serve you for it.
How many accounts have you seen with 10,000 followers and only 100 likes per post? It is not weird? Well, no, it is not strange, simply the ego has been able to do it and has chosen to choose that option.

Before there was no application that showed you if that account had bought followers, but now. Then I show you two pages that measure the engagement in your account and also tell you if you have purchased followers or not:

1) igaudit.io
Thanks to this web we can see if an account has false followers or bots or on the contrary they are true.

There may be a percentage that varies from 10 to 15 percent since the application may consider bots to followers who no longer have interaction, do not connect or have simply forgotten Instagram.

Therefore, this app will serve to unmask those who claim to be influencers and to value the one who is really influencer and who works it every day.

The best Instagram algorithm is that of constancy. Upload good content every day and you will see how your account increases
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2) phlanx.com
Another cool tool that will help you get followers, or at least see what your engagement with the ones you already have, is the following.

The more users, the less engagement would be normal, right? Keep in mind that if you have less than 2% it will be considered bad. Therefore if you stay above that 2% you will see how your account is totally healthy and full of possibilities.

A clear example is that of Vilma Nuñez, with many followers in his account and with a high engagement. This figure is almost double what is considered a well done account.

instagram followers

If you keep your engagement above 2% you will see how your account is totally healthy and full of possibilities. #Instagram
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Have a public or private profile?
If you have your profile closed and you have to authorize people to see your content, you are preventing your followers from being able to see you directly. Therefore, you should bet on having a public profile if you want to open the doors to new users.

You also have to know that if you have a company profile, a basic condition to be able to use this type of profile is that it is public.

Therefore, if you choose to use a private profile, with a good strategy you will make people stay with the intrigue of seeing your content and encourage them to ask you for access.

Think your tactics well and try both options. Each account is different and only you and your experience will make it possible to get more followers.

Comment, give likes and interact with more users
If there is something fundamental and that will make you upload quite fast and every day is the interaction with Instagram users. I tell you the correct way to do it:

Surely you receive likes and comments from people you do not know and how curiosity is like that, “itches you” and you enter into that profile. You check his pictures and if you like you give him likes, you comment even if you follow him. This is fundamental to the strategy of increasing followers on Instagram.

Dedicate that time to observe the followers of the referents of your sector. Interact and give likes to these accounts. You will see how each day your followers account will increase. Yes, it is essential to have attractive content on your wall, because if you do not work on your content, however much you use this strategy you will not get the results you want.

“Leave your wall and interact with other accounts will help increase your number of followers”

A very good and effective solution is to be able to work with Instagram from your mac or pc and not from your mobile phone. Here, I recommend this application that is one of the best in the market. Of course, they only let you use the application for 14 days for free but if you do, you will fall in love with it.

Organize contests to attract followers
One of the advantages of organizing contests and draws is the ability to increase followers very quickly and, above all, allow you to go out in trends or in the featured publications section.

To make a lottery on Instagram you have to have some basic premises so that there are no problems and no misunderstandings are generated. If you follow these tips you can make your raffle a success.

Tips to organize contests on Instagram:

The first thing would be to obtain a legal basis for the contest. You should enter them on your website or allow them access with a link. Here you can download some legal bases that can help you. To use them all you have to do is look up the word “company” and replace it with your website, name or company.
Put expiration to your contest and calculate everything before creating it, since as you do not you can get out of hand and it can be bad for your account,
With Easypromos you will have the option to choose the winner in a totally neutral and legal way.The procedure is very simple, fast and effective. In addition, Instagram ADS will show you, according to the money you invest in the publication, how many audience you will reach.

Using this procedure will make you go to a specific target and you will get followers very quickly and with a high investment at all. You put that limit.

Avoid being commercial in your publications, people want to have fun and see interesting things. Try to make your content clear, direct and have that spark that makes the person who sees you, stay and can be part of your community of followers.

Make your wall original
Here I show you several techniques that I find fantastic to be able to create a very creative feed. Thanks to invest more time in your publications, use a specific filter and generate that brand image you will increase your followers and your photos have more interaction.

Remember that not only are the likes but also the comments. Click on the first two accounts and you will see that there are creative people and that nothing is invented at all.

Look at some examples of very interesting creative walls so they can be of inspiration:

Find inspiration on Pinterest
It is possible that you sound this social network, but you have not investigated much in it. If you do not know it, I strongly recommend using it since creativity is obtained after reading a lot, seeing a lot and constant error testing.

Pinterest is a constant exhibition of wonders in all aspects. If you are a web or creative designer, it will inspire you both to create new websites and to create fantastic logos.

If you look for inspiration on Instagram you can create public boards and hidden from all the feeds you find just by putting Instagram Feeds inspiration, minimal, creatives, etc … My advice is to look in English because there you will find much more material.

ideas increase followers

As you see it is not necessary to buy followers or make any tricks to grow your Instagram account in a natural way and with people from your sector to achieve that desired interaction.

You will see that with patience, organization and following the tips described you can get followers in real Instagram and you will achieve a faithful audience.