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How to include UTM parameters in Facebook Ads

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How to include UTM parameters in Facebook Ads

How to include UTM parameters in Facebook Ads

Knowing how to include UTM parameters in Facebook Ads is fundamental in order to track and analyze our work in Marketing. The web analytics allows us to know and improve the digital marketing campaigns that we carry out, but to previous step is the implementation of this marking in the links.

In this article you will learn what UTM links are, what parameters are used in Facebook, how to create them and how to implement them in your digital campaigns. If you already know them and just want to see how they are implemented in associate vice president email list Facebook Ads go to the end of the article.

What are UTM parameters or links?
The parameters, codes or UTM links to a part of the destination link of our campaign that will help us to know the origin of the clicks. No matter the advertising platform you are using (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …) the link will be equally valid. It is something that we must configure ourselves to be able to perform web analytics later.

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For example, today reading elpaís.com I have seen advertising of Yoigo and when I clicked the link it appeared this:

The utm_source, utm_medium and utm_content fields are providing valuable information to the people in charge of the company’s analysis. Information on the follow-up and origin of the users who clicked.

What are they for and how many types are there?
In digital marketing it is increasingly important to know the effectiveness of our campaigns in order to optimize them and justify the budget. These codes allow us to analyze the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns to improve them later.

Let’s say that these parameters are a label that we put on the user when he clicks on our link, we have marked him to know where he comes from. Then we will analyze what it does on our page and perhaps determine which channels or campaigns have better conversions generated.

There are 5 types of UTM codes and each of them offers different information. All of them ultimately help us to track users.

Utm_source: It gives us information about the search engine or the origin of the campaign. Some examples are: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Newsletter, Linkedin, …
Utm_medium: It offers information about the medium through which the click arrives. Some examples are: cpc, banner, email, …
Utm_term: We configure this field to know what is the keyword that has generated this visit. If we had a lawyer campaign focused on divorces our utm_term could be “divorces” in this way we would know which keyword you got the user’s visit.
Utm_content: It will offer us information about the ads that have achieved success. If we have a campaign with several ads (one text, one video, image plus banner, etc) this link will help us know which is the ad that gets more conversions.
Utm_campaign: It will offer us information about the type of campaign through which they have reached us. Together with source and medium it is of fundamental use. For example: summer2017, rebates17, etc.
Creation of UTM codes
Quiet, you do not have a computer to create a link that is good and know how to implement it. There are several websites that will help you create these links in a very simple way. You will only have to fill in the fields and will provide the link automatically.

How to include parameters or UTM links in your Facebook Ads campaign
There are two ways to include linkmarking on Facebook. On the one hand, we can add the URL with UTM values ​​in the “website url” section:

We should not worry about the aesthetics of the link in the ad since we can configure the url that will be visible to the user before clicking The same as with Google Adwords.

On the other hand, we can use the parameters sections of FB to embed these links. It is a bit more cumbersome since we Have to fill in the “url of the website” section and Also the parameters:

  • Facebook Also Explains (in Its own way …) how we can configure the URLs of our ads with Parameters

Practical example
I’m a fan of the practice, so let’s see how to embed a UTM link in a real Facebook Ads campaign. Let’s suppose the following data:

Web / destination landing: tudesarrollador.com/diseño-web.
Target: Entrepreneurs.
Medium: Facebook Ads campaign at cost per lead to find entrepreneurs who need a web development.
Ad group: Focused on keywords related to startups of recent creation.
Announcement: It will be the video nº 3 of the 5 that we have prepared specially for this promotion.