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How to increase your web traffic

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How to increase your web traffic

Do you want to increase your web traffic ? Then you are in the perfect place VP R&D Email Lists. The good news is that you do not need to be an SEO expert to get it; There are techniques that you can apply and that, with a little consistency , will generate results. Here are some examples 

1. Use content marketing

Content marketing consists of creating content and sharing it in order to attract new customers . To develop this strategy, we recommend you follow the following steps:

  • Determine what your target audience .
  • Study your online behavior :  
    • What kind of content does your target consume Videos, infographics, blog articles, webinars, ebooks, etc.
    • What days of the week do you usually connect? What social networks do you use?
  • Define your communication tone: it is important not to address a B2B audience in the same way as a B2C. However, we must not forget that behind companies there are people .
  • Keep in mind that you should try to resolve the user’s doubts, help them and not talk too much about your brand.

Do you want to know more about this topic? In Súmate we tell you the 5 basic organization resources in content marketing .

2. Develop an Inbound Marketing strategy

The word “inbound” has become very fashionable in recent years; However, it has existed since 2005. It consists of implementing a series of non-intrusive techniques to attract, convert and retain customers and, therefore, increase quality web traffic . To develop that strategy, you should:

  • Define your Buyer People: the profile of people who could become your customers. Ask yourself a series of questions, such as: what are your online habits? What kind of content do you like to read?
  • Create a content calendar that follows the inbound methodology: you need to take into account the Buyer’s Journey, the stage of the purchase cycle in which your Buyer Persona is (Awareness, Consideration or Decision).
  • Practice lead nurturing , the automation of email strings, so that the user will receive certain emails when they perform a specific action. This technique allows you to send the content at the right time to the perfect user.
  • Use the lead scoring : it is to qualify to users who are in your database in order to determine the time to spend time contact the sales team.

Optimize your SEO on Page to increase your web traffic

Essential factor to increase your web traffic, SEO on Page includes those elements that help you position in search engines :

  • The indexation of your website: check that you appear on Google.
  • The title of a page would have to:
    • Include the keyword at the beginning of the title.
    • Put the name of your company / brand at the end of the title so that the user remembers you more easily.
  • The metadescription of a page should include:
    • A keyword, as well as secondary keywords.
    • A call to action
    • The benefits that the product / service / article could bring to the reader.

To write your titles and metadescriptions correctly , you can use a tool such as Screaming Frog , which allows you to detect if you exceed the number of limit characters from which these elements will be shown cut off in Google.