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How to integrate video marketing in your digital strategy

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How to integrate video marketing in your digital strategy

Do you want to maximize your results in digital marketing? Then, video marketing should be among your options.

Content in video format has not only seen its popularity grow in recent years, but it is expected that by 2022 it will generate 82% of all online traffic, according to a study by Cisco Systems VP Engineering Email Lists . And, according to Hubspot,  81% of brands are already doing video marketing  to connect and build lasting relationships with their target audience , do you plan to stay behind?

Its popularity is that it is a very attractive format, easy to consume and share; and is perceived by users as “the format in which messages are best understood”.

Using it among your digital marketing actions allows you to convey a message in a clearer, personal and close way; which can be a great opportunity to awaken interest and establish a solid relationship with your potential and current customers.

With a little creativity and a well-defined plan, videos can help you improve your brand image, increase the confidence of your target audience, increase conversion rates and achieve greater visibility and positioning.

But how can you integrate video marketing as an integral part of your strategy? In this post we explain how you can do it, and thus increase the chances of success. Let’s start!

Step 1: Analyze your current strategy to include video marketing in the optimal place

First of all, you must have clear objectives of your strategy (branding, web traffic, sales, capture of leads, among others), and according to these, you can create different types of videos and use the most appropriate channels for dissemination. But yes, always thinking about your target audience!

Start by reviewing the different channels in which you are present and the different options you have in each of them:

Video marketing on your website:

It does not matter if you have a transport website, a dental clinic or an online store. Adding videos to your web page can help you create a link with your potential customers . Browse through the different pages of your website and evaluate which ones could benefit from a short video. Here are some options:

  • Product page: It is a space that you can take advantage of to explain the characteristics and benefits of your products and show how they are used. For example, for industrial manufacturers, a video that talks about the functionalities of a product can be of great value to its potential customers. An opportunity to give useful information, persuade and, of course, sell!
  • Services page: In the case of service providers, a video describing what they do and the problems they solve can be much more effective than just a descriptive text.
  • Page “About us”: You can use corporate videos to do branding, explaining how your company is made, what its values ​​are, its philosophy, how are the workspaces and everything that differentiates you from the competition; what can help your company look more human and generate confidence.
  • Landing page: For those landing pages, where our goal is to achieve conversions such as leads or sales, it is a good option to include a short explanatory video of your products or services. Another option that you can also use is the testimonial videos about the experience of current customers with the product or service, since they can convince potential clients, by showing the benefits they have provided to other users.

Next, you can see how Siemens uses video marketing on its product page, with a demo of its iQ700 washing machines, to explain how precise dosing of detergent works, a creative way to explain the advantages of its products.

Video marketing in your corporate blog:

Check your previous blog posts and the current editorial calendar to find some articles that could be improved with the help of a video . Publications such as interviews and educational or explanatory articles are perfect to complement them with a video that helps you maintain the user’s attention, facilitate understanding of the content and encourage sharing.

Keep in mind that if we incorporate the video once we have developed content in the blog, it will be conditioned to the content we have created previously, so we must think very well how to integrate videos into what we already have, so that there is a synergy between both types of content.

Video marketing for the mailing:

Although to this day there are still limitations for the correct integration of videos in emails, video mailing is a good option to transmit our message, since it is undoubtedly one of the formats that offers the best results. Using a quality video and with the help of a good copywriting, we can increase the CTR, the conversions and, with it, the probabilities of sales .

Some options to include a video in our email marketing strategy are:

  • Use a static image of the video , with the Play button and a hyperlink that takes the user to a landing page where the video is correctly integrated, or to the YouTube channel, and that the user can view it.
  • Use gif image : with this option we can show fragments of the video and give more detail of what it contains. But in the same way, we will use the hyperlink that takes us directly to the video.

Video marketing for Social Media:

Social networks have been dominated by video content, and more and more brands are making use of Social Video to highlight their publications with attractive audiovisual content. Currently social networks offer many options to create, edit and upload videos; from live, 360º and loopable videos, to those that disappear after 24 hours.

You can take advantage of the video to promote your physical or online store, products or services, make tutorials, webinars, interviews, translate the FAQ or even generate news of interest for your target audience.

If you use YouTube, it is recommended that you make this a dynamic and optimized channel for SEO, producing videos frequently, not only because of the engagement it generates, but because the more visitors you receive, the better positioning you will have in Google search results and you will get Greater visibility of your brand.

You can also take advantage of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to maximize the reach of your videos published directly on the blog or on YouTube , sharing them with your audience to achieve greater visibility. For the video sharing strategy to work better, it will be necessary to integrate YouTube with other online channels that your company uses, such as social networks, blog, Google Ads, etc.

Some recommendations for the use of videos in social networks:

  • Create useful and quality videos, encouraging interactions (likes, comments, clicks, times shared, visualization of stories , etc.).
  • Take advantage of this type of format to try to get an emotional response from the user, trying to remember your brand.
  • Adapts video marketing to each social network, adapting it to the target audience and to the formats or duration recommended in each of them.
  • Do not forget to include a call to action (CTA), linked to a specific goal.

Here the challenge is to differentiate yourself from the competition , generating content in a video format that adds value to your audience, creating a community of users and working on the perception that you want your brand’s audience to have. Your effort will be aimed above all to choose the objective, the message and the type of content you want to deal with in each video.

Try to make personal and close videos, humanizing your company and seeking to connect with users , awakening their emotions, so they remember your brand. For this the Storytelling work very well, since, from a good story, you can create a positive emotion that will inspire and last in the mind of the viewer.