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How to know who does not follow me on Instagram and Twitter Service

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How to know who does not follow me on Instagram and Twitter Service

Today I want to see with you how we can know who Buy Facebook Followers if they follow you and who do not follow you on Instagram and Twitter. We will also see what is useful and what strategies we can apply when you know who they are. By means of several tools we can have a lot of information of these 3 social networks that they do not give you in a simple way.


68Why is it important to know who is following me or not?
There are many reasons why you would like to know who does not follow you on Instagram or on Twitter or any other social network. One of them may be to do a study of your community.

It is interesting to know what kind of profiles follow you or stop you from continuing to review your actions on these social networks, and study if you are reaching the audience that interests you.

Another reason may be to know what type of content works best. There are content or publications that work better than others, and knowing this will allow you to optimize your strategy based on the response that users have after your publications.

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It may also be that you are pursuing a general strategy of growth in social networks. To see if your goals are met you will be interested to know who follows you and take action.

If you have made an event you can measure the impact by observing how many people have started to follow you as a result of that event. For other types of strategies and monitoring, you can also consider not following some accounts that do not follow you.


Twitter Analytics StatisticsWhy do you stop following me on Instagram or Twitter?
There may be two main reasons why they stop following you on Instagram or Twitter or other social networks like Google +.

The first one is because they are not interested in your content, or have stopped liking your publications. See how to make cool publications with these examples.
The second reason why they may stop following you is that they are carrying out Follow-Unfollow actions.
A technique widely used in social networks to “inflate” the number of followers of an account is to do Follows – Unfollows. This basically consists in that the users will follow you and then stop following you if you do not return the follow, or worse, when they see that you have followed them.


10 steps Tripartite FoundationCan I know who does not follow me on other social networks?
There are social networks like Facebook where it is impossible to know who does not follow you. There are many tools on the Internet that may seem to work, but really today there are no tools for this social network.

There was an online tool for Facebook called Lagsoft.biz that provided a lot of data. It allowed you to see who had stopped following you or even know what photos each person had seen in your profile. Today, and after Facebook updates, it is not available. The same goes for Qsocial.

When you enter these tools, at least to this day, a warning pops up that says Facebook is changing, and that they must adapt to that change; and for that reason it does not continue operative.


Username Brand PersonalSolutions online to know who does not follow me on Instagram
Until recently, there were many tools to find out who does not follow me on Instagram. However, since the end of 2016 Instagram made a major change to its API that made these third-party services stop working. Now many of these services are mobile applications However, there are still a couple of tools for this.