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How to make a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

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How to make a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

How to make a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

There are many Digital Marketing tactics that we can incorporate into our strategic plan, however, and to give focus we must structure the path.

Marketing 360 is the basis of the Digital transformation of a company and it is not left alone in Social Networks
Scotland email lists or a good Community Manager, those are washers. The core of Marketing 360 is a strategic plan focused on developing business objectives:

  • Transformation to the client
  • Transformation towards recruitment
  • Process transformation
  • Digitization of communication

The digital transformation of your company involves developing a 360 Digital Marketing plan to position your brand, develop the commercial plan and attract new customers.

In this way 8 are the components with which you must demonstrate all the potential Marketer:

How to implement a 360 Digital Marketing strategy

360 Marketing is a comprehensive marketing approach that uses all the resources to reach the prospects (people who are likely to be potential customers) to achieve the goals of obtaining a successful conversion and ROI. These are step-by-step processes that include: creating awareness, then inspiring, then engaging, then connecting, then encouraging and, finally, obtaining long-term brand loyalty.

Thanks to the global network and the Internet, marketing became digital and, at the same time, it became 360 ​​degrees.

360 digital marketing refers to the integrated digital approach on the Internet that leaves no stone unturned.

Step by step Marketing 360

  • Creation of an impressive interactive website.
  • Arrange all the elements in an appropriate way on the website.
  • Connection of the website to search engine consoles (SEC) and social networks.
  • Working hard for search engine optimization (SEO) and better ranking by search engines.
  • Create brand accounts, pages and groups on social networks, putting links on appropriate online platforms. 
    Doing social media marketing regularly, making payments per click (PPC) in the search engines and Adwords.
  • Produce highly attractive, educational, interesting and valuable content such as blogs, information graphics, videos, etc.
  • Agree to the prospects to provide their contact information, create a mailing list and mail content and update the prospects regularly through valuable content.
  • Updating the content regularly.
  • Securing everything available on mobile devices.
  • Offering free gifts, discounts and special benefits.
  • Organize events online and invite prospects to attend.
  • Tracking the commitment and rate of conversion and evaluation of it periodically and most importantly, fine-tuning strategies in each step.
    360 Marketing TacticsUnlike traditional marketing, 360 degree digital marketing is primarily an incoming marketing method. It implies the integration of strategy, technology and creativity. The common tactics required for the purpose are:
  1. Dynamic website designed dynamically.
  2. Web feeder and subscription panel.
  3. Rich and original web content updated regularly and content marketing.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO): tracking, evaluation and update.
  5. Social media marketing in the platforms where your segment is located.
  6. Payment marketing: in social networks, in search engines, in Adwords
  7. Business listing on local search sites.
  8. Email marketing through attractive and valuable content.
  9. Mobile marketing – through mobile applications, SMS, games, etc.
  10. Marketing recommendation and marketing promotion through third parties.
  11. Online ad
  12. Building reputation through PR online.