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In social networks you can not publish anything. As you know, every account must follow a specific goal and Art Director Email List strategy.

However, after implementing the strategy, a follow-up must also be established. How will we know, if not, if our actions are working correctly?

Track the performance of our social accounts is not complicated if you consider the following:

  • The selection of the most suitable KPIs for the business.
  • The development of a report that really shows the performance of the accounts in social networks(with the followers of an account or the impressions of a publication is not enough).

Do you have a world? Do not worry, now we investigate in each point.

A very common mistake is to confuse the terms metric and KPI , so first we will tell you the difference.

The metrics are those marketing indicators that demonstrate how a user behaves in our social network. So, we could say that likes, comments or reach are metrics of social networks like Facebook or Instagram .

The KPI , however, are those metrics that specifically select to analyze the performance of our own and see if we meet the goals.

In fact, its own name already gives us enough clues of its functions (KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator , or Key Performance Indicators ).

So, if our goal is to redirect traffic to our website, we should select as KPI the clicks that have received the posts we have published.