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How to make ads and advertising on Instagram step by step Service news

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How to make ads and advertising on Instagram step by step Service news

How to make ads and advertising on Instagram step by step Service news

Since a few months, Instagram has joined the group of Buy Instagram Followers social networks that allows sponsored content. After trying a few months, we want to share with you a complete guide with 10 steps to create a campaign, real examples of ad types and tips to make them work well.

The importance of Instagram as an advertising channel
bulbAlthough it has been a short time, it has become one of the best advertising alternatives due to its low cost and the attractive power generated by the images. The number of users already exceeds 400 million and the level of participation is very high. It is still early to know if the ads generate more clicks with conversion here than in other systems, such as Facebook or Twitter Ads, but what we do know is that users interact and actively follow their favorite brands to be informed, for example , of discounts and contests. That means that ads targeted to Instagram can be very effective.

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More than 60% of active users are women (between 18 and 45 years old). Most statistics place women above men in terms of online purchases.
Next to Facebook and Youtube, it is the social network where users spend more time connected (time of permanence), so the probability that our message reaches them is high.
Are campaigns on Instagram cheap?
Of course. Currently, and whenever a platform starts, the CPC costs are very low. The cost per click is usually between 0.05 cents and 0, 15 €. Compared to Google Adwords, with Linkedin Ads or even Facebook or Twitter Ads is very economical. You can get visibility for very little money! This will not last forever so we have to take advantage of the moment and the novelty. Think of more advertisers, more competition and therefore, higher bid or cost per click.

Management from the Facebook Ads Manager
Another feature of Instagram Ads is that it does not have its own ad manager, but it is managed from the ad manager of Facebook or Ads Manager. Far from being negative, this is a great advantage because you can manage from the same site ads aimed at Instagram, ads targeting Facebook or both networks at the same time. It may seem messy but then in practice it is a very useful and effective function. Later I’ll show you an example.

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Guide to create ads on Instagram step by step
Below is a guide with 10 steps to set up a start-to-finish campaign on Instagram Ads and a lot of tricks you can take into account to design your ads and set up the targeting and budget of your campaign. You can also visit our article of 14 Creative Techniques to make announcements in Adwords and Social Networks + Video where you will find some creative ideas that you can implement in your Instagram campaigns.