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Many marketing professionals have their eyes on Instagram. The growing interest in this social network is not in vain, because only a few days ago it was CPA Email List announced that 200 million people use the well-known “Stories” on a daily basis.

Given such data, it is obvious that the brands focus their efforts on designing creative and original campaigns that surprise their followers and help them improve their digital presence.

However, creating a successful Instagram campaignand having a positive impact on the company is not a piece of cake. Success depends on several threads as the definition of the objectives and the digital strategy , as well as the constant monitoring of the action to optimize it if required.

To explain better what we tell you, below we will detail the steps that we have followed to get a lottery on Instagram to be successful.

In addition, we will do it in a practical way and we will focus on an action that we organize for one of our clients, Bluespace, the first company in Spain specialized in rental of storage rooms.


– Select the objectives of the campaign

Every campaign begins with the definition of clear objectives.

At the business level, Bluespace set out to enhance its brand image, publicize its services and position itself in the top of mind of its potential customers.

Therefore, as campaign objectives we proposed the following two: 
• Increase your community on Instagram generating noise on social networks. 
• Foster the “new use” that is the fact of renting a storage room “, especially impacting on a mostly young audience that had not considered this possibility.

– Think about your target audience

A campaign can be very good, but if it does not focus on the ideal target it can fail miserably. In Mediaclick we were clear that we had to reach key market niches for the brand, which could need an extra space to store their things.

In this case, we focus on students, fashion addicts, athletes and people who are likely to move.

– Think a good creative idea

In the case of Bluespace, we decided to draw 9 different experiences, related to the sea, the mountain, the cinema, the adventures or the wine tastings, among others.

In short, we wanted the participants to think of the storage rooms as a place to store their equipment or utensils to carry out the activities that they are most passionate about.

For each experience, we published a post on Instagram with a photo montage that showed a Bluespace box in different environments (based on experience).

The participation was simple: each user only had to comment on the post in which he was interested, mentioning a friend and adding the hashtag #TuCajaBluespace.

– Find influencers aligned with your business

After defining the objective and the public, we had to ensure that the action would have an impact. So, we made a meticulous selection of influencers. For this, we made sure that his followers lived mainly in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia. 
In addition, each influencer “represented” each target audience that we had identified.