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How to strengthen your personal brand?

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How to strengthen your personal brand?

How to strengthen your personal brand?

You are what you do. You are what you say you do. But you are also what they remember about you. And above all, you are what these people feel when they remember it. With this phrase by Risto Mejide I wanted to start this new article of Soy de Marketing, where I would like to talk about the concept of personal branding, our best letter of introduction of marketing director email list. Throughout the post I will talk about three points or marketing strategies that we can apply to our personal brand to enhance and differentiate ourselves. Being different is the basis to be irreplaceable in a globalized world.

What is personal branding?

“It is the trace that you leave in the hearts of others” (Jordi Collell)

“It’s taking the reins of your own Marketing” (Oscar Del Santo)

“I’d rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I am not” (Kurt Cobain)

“It’s choosing and going the best way for your talent” (Arancha Ruiz)

“It’s the art of investing in you” (Guillem Recolons)

I personally like the definition given by the creator of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who says that a brand is “what others say about you when you’re gone”, I think it could not be said clearer. In short, a brand is an emotional response to an image, to a name (whether a company or a person), something complex to achieve and much more to measure and quantify.

Having a personal brand will help us position ourselves in a privileged place in the mind of whoever you want to take you into account. Find your shortcomings and your gifts, discover what you are good at and identify what others will recognize your value for. There you will have your personal brand.

In three points I will comment on three blocks that I think is key to be clear in the digital world in which we are immersed. They are a collection of tips, articles and personal experience.

Before putting our personal brand to work we must have clear a series of aspects that will be the basis of our work. Some of these points are imposed from our birth, there are things that we can never change (like our naming). These aspects are:

We all have a story that we can and must tell, where professional milestones are mixed with the personal. If we want to make a personal mark we must share this story in the media in which we move. I must admit that it is something that costs, it costs because you do not write a summary of your life overnight, and also because it gives you a certain shame to tell it. Whenever we tell our story we must add our objective, what we want to achieve.

If we create a personal brand it is because we have ambitions, objectives that we want to fulfill in the medium or long term. We must be clear about our objectives, it will be fundamental to have a clear idea of ​​what we want in our head and then to be clear about what we must do to achieve it.

What is our target audience? For example, if we have a Digital Marketing blog, our primary audience would be the users, readers and maybe customers of any of the services or products we offer. But not only that, we have a secondary or desired audience, such as the professionals in our sector, who may be interested in our personal brand.

Digital Strategy
Once we have told our story, defined our objectives and chosen a target audience to address, it is time to work on our digital strategy. The new digital media will help us create this personal brand and make it known. We must take advantage of profitability and free access to these digital media to make a brand. Some tips that we must take into account have to do with:

It is important to have images in the network about you, and more if you appear in them doing what you work for or better you are given. It will be the first impression of those who do not know you and will serve to generate a visual image of your brand. Something like “your logo”.

Define the limits (if there are any)
You must decide if you want your personal brand to mix professional and personal, that is, if you want to be known as an “everything” or simply as a professional, separating the personal or reserving it for the most intimate friends. It is an important decision. We can see blogs and professionals like Juan Merodio who work both their personal and professional brand together.

Use an appropriate language adapted to your audience and to the medium you are heading to (see graphic of the following point) and especially to your sector.

Biographical coherence
All the biographies of the social profiles must be coherent with this personal brand that we want to create or improve. We must bear in mind that each profile serves a specific audience and has a different objective. No two social networks are the same.Digital Positioning
I think it’s the most important part of the personal branding strategy. It is important to position yourself in the “offline world” but since this is a Digital Marketing Blog I am going to focus on those digital aspects that define our positioning. I share with you this paragraph of the book Urbrands that I think summarizes in a very practical way that is a good positioning.

“If you’re Ariel, you’re the one who washes the most white, or the little mermaid, the ball-bouncer. If you are BMW, you symbolize the pleasure of driving. IF you are Gandhi, you embody passive resistance. If you are Franck Sinatra, you are the voice. Most people who buy a detergent, what they are looking for is that they leave their clothes whiter than any other. Most people who buy a high-end car are looking to tell the world what they do to enjoy the pleasure of driving. That is a territory, that is a good positioning. That is triumph. “Risto Mejide.

We must be clear that our social networks, our blog or our LinkedIn are a 24 hours open curriculum. It is important to know what each social network is for and what content is best for each one. I often find social profiles that are poorly oriented to what each social network claims, something that can be expensive in the face of finding professional opportunities.

Being clear about the use of social networks would be to establish the differences between the social networks you use. An example:

Digital Marketing Blog

I hope this post has helped you in the face of the creation or improvement of your personal brand, what will differentiate you from those who claim to do the same as you. I am in the process of branding with this Blog, so I leave the social networks in which I am present and my newsletter if you want to stay up to date on everything that is published.