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Improve your SEO CTR with prominent Google snippets

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Improve your SEO CTR with prominent Google snippets

The Internet user launches a question, Google gives an answer. But not always does with search VP Quality Email Lists results in a standard format to use, but 19% of cases , according to a study by Stone Temple – also shows some kind of enriched element , like a piece drawn by the Knowledge Graph (Knowledge Graph) in the right column or a highlighted fragment .

In fact, here I have just developed the type of paragraph that Google likes to make it a highlighted fragment.

The objective of this differentiation is to improve the user’s search experience. An example of a highlighted fragment would be this:

Getting the results of our web pages to be displayed as highlighted fragments gives us, as we see, a great visibility : on the one hand, stand out from the rest of the entries of the SERP; on the other, they tend to be placed at the top, just behind the payment results, so they are the best way to get the first position in organic terms.

In addition, and although some voices insist that showing a result in this way may induce the user not to click on it (after all, he has already achieved the answer he was seeking for his question), experiments carried out by Several SEO specialists show that the highlighted fragments have a higher traffic volume and CTR ( click through rate ) compared to conventional results. The difference in visits in your favor can be between 20 and 30%, says Rob Bucci, CEO of STAT ; while Matthew Barby highlights in Hubspot that the rebound in the CTR can shoot up to 114%.

What to do to appear in Google as a highlighted fragment?

Google is very clear in its help section for webmasters: we can not carry out any direct action to make the search engine take our pages as a source to extract highlighted fragments. Not even resorting to marking structured data  or becoming the king of backlinks is useful. Google is the one who decides when a content is offering a direct answer to a question and, therefore, deserves to be highlighted.

However, the experiments of the SEO specialists mentioned above have been able to establish certain guidelines that, applied systematically and constantly, can bring us closer to our goal. In this regard, Bucci recommends carrying out actions such as the following:

  • Locate those keywords that may constitute an opportunity for positioning.
  • Create content in question-answer format , or study how to adapt our current content to include definitions or interesting answers for the user. Of course, always without losing the naturalness.
  • Provide our content with a clear structure, including subtitles, lists or tables , to help Google digest it and understand it better.
  • If we discover that Google is already using some of our pieces as highlighted fragments, we must continue to optimize them so that the appearance is even better.

For its part, Barby also advises to reform part of the contents of our website so that Google can identify them as answers. Some of the optimization techniques exposed by Barby would be:

  • Enter the terms that the user uses to ask in the search in some header or header (h2, h3, h4, etc.).
  • Write the direct answer to the question just below this heading, in a paragraph that has an extension of between 54 and 58 words .
  • And include step-by-step instructions when appropriate, numbering each of the steps so that Google can pick up the start of each of the orders as a summary of the process explained.

In addition to optimizing your web pages with the view that they appear as a prominent fragment in Google, in Súmate we suggest you also learn to use structured data as an SEO weapon . We show you how to do it in this practical ebook!