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Increase your online sales with Facebook Marketplace

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Increase your online sales with Facebook Marketplace

It could be said that the Facebook Marketplace was born from a direct order from its users. We know that people have sold their personal items, new or second hand, buy youtube views services or products, on their own in different virtual media.

The initiative to use various platforms to sell was born of collective ingenuity . If you can get care for your pet’s antics, why not receive the same interest in a product needed for someone? The creators understood that there was room formarketing, that’s why big online stores and applications like the Facebook Marketplace were born.

Facebook Marketplace is an extension of Facebook itself. It is located inside the application,in the upper part if we use Android, in the lower part if it is an iOS program and in the left side if we are connected in the computer. Find the store icon and start browsing the lists of published products.

Taking advantage of social networks and their tools to sell online is key to raising the positive numbers of our business. Digital marketing specialists know it, but the creators of such tools know it best. The applications know your need, they know you and your potential buyers.

Here’s how to take advantage of Facebook Marketplace in your online sales.

Sell ​​more and better on Facebook Marketplace

At the time of selling we can take recommendations from experts according to the product or service we offer. However, buyers tend to be very different in their personality and in the way of solving problems . For this reason, we invite you to consider our suggestions to sell through this platform.

1. Shield your post

The first step before publishing has to do with the knowledge of the policies that govern the exchange in said group. Facebook Marketplace has a regulation that indicates which products and / or services can be published and which ones can not. It is also convenient to find out about other regulations that make negotiation for sellers and buyers safe.

2. Create a direct content

Both the statement of the product to be sold and its description must speak clearly. Remember to highlight the product you are selling with a clear and precise name.

Do not stretch yourself too much by describing the features and benefits . The space to write this information is reduced, in addition, the true interested ones can contact you for more details. A precise statement and description also help interested people to locate your product faster.

3. Orient yourself with the price

The price usually determines the choice of many buyers, but this does not mean you should lower it inconveniently. Before establishing a price, it is recommended that you do a survey for similar publications in order to get oriented. Placing an average price in relation to other buyers allows you to enter into competition faster.

Many people know that cheap is expensive , so lowering the price can alienate some customers. A surcharge can sometimes favor negotiation, because it invites you to improve the offer, but you have to be careful not to overdo it.

4. Stand out with the images

Even if you are offering the best product, remember that in this social network the images send . Therefore, it is essential that you present a clear image of what you sell.

Try to insert quality photos, defined and detailed , which stand out from the others. Likewise, it is very important that the photos are real, that is, the real product that you sell. To use referential images, do not forget to point out that they are.

5. Track your post

While placing a post on Facebook Marketplace, millions of people do too. Therefore, it is convenient to keep your publication visible so that it reaches more buyers. For this it is necessary, republish it again and again in order to put it at the top of the list.

Image result for buy youtube views

6. Be a diligent seller

Publishing an article for sale implies that we are responsible for answering the doubts of potential buyers. That is, try to respond quickly and kindly to all queries you receive about the product. Not responding in time can make you lose a lot of sales, especially in a platform of so many competitors.

7. Poses a comfort zone

Through this application we can reach millions of buyers. However, it may be more convenient to sell among known people or nearby areas . Your publication can be shared by any Facebook user, therefore, the proximity with these can generate more customers.

In general, users are concerned about the security of the transaction and the possible difficulties with sending. Therefore, they will prefer to buy from someone in their area , with whom the exchange can be facilitated.

Use social networks wisely

Hanging ads on social networks does not mean that buyers will automatically arrive. It is determined to know in depth each platform and the tricks to take advantage of it . Users act different Facebook in this network even if they are the same on Twitter or Instagram. Therefore, publications for these must also be different.

At present it is possible to find tutorials and practical advice on specific digital marketing of each social network. In the case of Facebook Marketplace you can also specialize. That is, before publishing it is advisable that you report the most effective tricks corresponding to the platform on which you are advertising.

An advantage of announcing in these platforms where users make life, is that they can get to know them very well. Knowing what people like helps us to recommend the acquisition of a product . Additionally, Facebook allows to establish a defined geographical location, as well as other natural variants such as age and sex. Look carefully at who you announced!

Remember that you are not the only one

Encouraging to sell through Facebook Marketplace can be an advantage for small and large entrepreneurs . It is possible that it becomes a titanic task, especially because we are going to compete with many experts in digital marketing. For this reason, one of the main tips we want to give you is to be constant and try to improve every day.

Your buyers will be able to compare the product they are looking for with hundreds of the same. In addition, they can filter their preferences to achieve more accurate results. Consequently, it is up to your skills as a salesperson to get to them faster . Following the advice we have given you, you can start to stand out as a salesman in a commercial platform with a great future. What do you tell us? Do you dare to start?