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Influencer Marketing: The Speaker to Get Further on Social Networks

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Influencer Marketing: The Speaker to Get Further on Social Networks

Would you like your messages on the Internet to be repeated again and again beyond social networks, like the echo when shouting in the middle of a ravine? Do you want to buy VP Communications Officer Email Lists go a step further and overcome the reach of advertising on Facebook or Instagram and community management ? Then you need to delve into the marketing of influencers , a booming marketing strategy that presents many possibilities in this 2019.

Given that more and more brands are turning to influencers for their digital marketing strategies , in Súmate we suggest you discover the fundamentals of influencer marketing through just four questions. Prepared? Well, let’s go there!

What is an influencer ?

We defined as  influencer  a person who by his knowledge, position or popularity has the ability to influence the actions and decisions of other individuals . Normally, the  influencer  manifests this power in a specific area, within which his opinions take on a scope and relevance much greater than those that can reach the opinions of other people.

The  best-known  influencers are usually famous, popular or prestigious personalities. However, having these attributes does not automatically make someone  influencer ; and, on the other hand, there are  influencers  that are neither famous nor popular.

Due to its ease of use, the spontaneous and immediate nature of its stories and its great visual potential, Instagram has become the preferred social platform forinfluencers . Collaborations with instagramers have become a very profitable influencers marketing option for companies.

  • Public figure:  these are people who have gained popularity for their activity in the world of entertainment, the arts, politics, etc., and whose name is easily identifiable by the general public.
  • Authority:  individuals who accumulate a large volume of knowledge in a subject and, in addition, communicate and are recognized for it.
  • Expert: master a subject, although it does not have as much impact as authority.
  • Speaker-compiler: it  is the best one selecting and gathering content related to a certain topic.
  • Promoter of the brand:  is convinced of the benefits of a brand and does not hesitate to make them known and defend them.
  • Adelantado:  he loves to be the first to learn about the news and, of course, tell them.
  • Journalist / media:  publishes information according to their criteria and constraints of space and subject.

How can an influencer help us ?

According to the BrandManic Influencer Marketing Study in Spain, 2018 , attracting new clients and building loyalty to existing ones are the two most important objectives that brands pursue when carrying out influencers’ marketing strategies . In addition, the support of an influencer can also be useful for:

  • Grow the community in social networks
  • Launch a new campaign or product
  • Drive conversions , both those related to sales and web traffic.

In general, a good relationship with an  influencer  is very valuable, since it is an individual with the ability to viralize your content and generate more traffic to your website. And, in addition, if you are committed to your brand, you will transmit your values ​​even better than yourself. Remember that consumers tend to rely more on the personal experience of someone they can trust than on the information that comes directly from a company.

Where to find the influencers ?

The BrandManic report highlights that, due to the complex management involved in influencer marketing campaigns , most of the Spanish brands have specialized agencies to help them in this task.