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Influencers in Digital Marketing: what Role to Grant Them in your Strategy

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Influencers in Digital Marketing: what Role to Grant Them in your Strategy

The use of influencers in digital marketing and advertising is becoming more frequent . The ‘fault’ of this phenomenon is the Internet. Consumers have acquired new consumption habits, access to a multitude of information and, therefore,  their referents are others.

Before, consumers only saw as prescribers celebrities and celebrities of the moment VP Media Email Lists. For that reason, many brands used them in their marketing strategies. They took advantage of the affinity of their target with the character and turned him into a Brand Ambassador . For brands it was the only way to associate with a celebrity or celebrity.

The emergence of blogs and, above all, of social networks caused a radical change in the marketing landscape . Authentic experts began to emerge on topics such as fashion, gastronomy, videogames, etc. We talked about the arrival of Bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers . These, in addition to being experts in the field, dress their knowledge with great communication skills. But, having a profile on Instagram, YouTube or a blog makes you, by extension, influencer in digital marketing?

After the boom of the Youtubers, Instagrammers and Bloggers,  many have come to be called influencers, but are they really? To clarify it, we define the concept: what is an influencer ? Our colleague Gema Diego, responsible for the department of Inbound Marketing, described it in one of our posts as: ” that person who by his knowledge, position or popularity has the ability to influence the actions and decisions of other individuals . “

Influencers in digital marketing: how and for what

When it comes to incorporating an influencer into our digital marketing strategy, the first thing we must do is identify and select the appropriate person . For this we must take into account certain aspects:

  • Identify the right person . This should have values, tone and style similar to the brand. In addition to assessing the degree of involvement that the person chosen with the brand will have.
  • Volume of the community.  Number of followers, is not decisive but we must take it into account.
  • The engagement Average number of likes and comments handled.
  • Type of content.  Video, post, videoblog … you must adapt the content you perform with the strategy you want to carry out.
  • Brands with which he works.  With what kind of brands you have collaborated. Analyze as far as possible the results obtained and the image caused.

What is clear is that nowadays people’s opinion is worth more than ever. In fact, a report by Global Trust in Advertising prepared by Nielsen notes that  66% of consumers say they trust online opinion of other consumers almost as much as their family and friends .” And therefore, what is better than a recommendation from someone we admire and follow on a daily basis?

What are the benefits of incorporating  influencers  into your digital marketing strategy?

The traditional word of mouth has returned to our lives through social networks and this is a fact. That’s why many brands have jumped on the bandwagon convertingBloggers, Instagrammers or Youtubers into speakers of their products and services . We know that these types of strategies work but, what are the real benefits that can bring us influencers in digital marketing to our strategy?

The first of the reasons why it is wise to use these types of strategies is that they will help improve your visibility, positioning and brand reputation . In addition to achieving greater reach thanks to the large number of loyal followers who follow them day by day and consider them credible interlocutors. Another reason is that they will  humanize your brand, since they will associate it with a person of trust with whom they have a certain affinity. 

As this is an increasingly common practice, we must bear in mind that users are not easily fooled. So we must focus on creating an interesting, truthful and able to seduce our audience to not end up becoming a bad publicity. 

Now that you know a little more about the influencers  in digital marketing and the advantages of incorporating them into your strategy. Do you dare to resort to them?