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Lead nurturing: What it is and how to apply it correctly to your business

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Lead nurturing: What it is and how to apply it correctly to your business

When someone wants to buy something, they do not immediately trust the first company they find. Search quality, and choose who offers the best, buy youtube views best suited to their interests and needs. When customers need to ensure your value, the nurturing lead comes into play :Prospects need to be nurtured to earn your trust.

What is lead nurturing?

We know from experience that when it comes to buying something, a first impression is not enough. We need to trust whoever offers us what we are going to acquire , and that is not achieved only through interaction. Think, for example, of buying something big and important for a person’s life, such as a vehicle. When such a person thinks about acquiring a vehicle, he does not keep the first option that jumps in front of his eyes: he investigates, weighs options, reads opinions of other users and only then, after being very sure about what he is going to acquire, ends up buying. With that in mind, you’ll know you should not try to sell immediately, at the first contact, because it will not work. It is important to look at the long term, trying to make potential customers have your brand in mind when they finally decide to pay for what they want.

And for this there is lead nurturing, a phrase that in Spanish means lead nutrition. We could define this term as an automated marketing process (have you read our post about  ?) That is intended to bring the prospectus of a business’s database closer to the moment of purchase . Thus, the goal of lead nurturing would be to educate potential customers to decide for you at the time of purchase, or to keep your current customers loyal to continue choosing you.

You need to build trust through the creation of a relationship with those prospects who are not yet ready to buy, but who could become customers in the future. Such a relationship is long-term, because it is not only that they buy, but also that they trust with your business. This process is performed semi-automatically, we will explain why later.

How lead nurturing works

The process starts when the interested person contacts us for the first time. From that moment nurturing begins, which is usually more necessary in those sales in which the acquired has a great impact on people’s lives . This is so because it is in those cases when they will take longer to decide, and therefore, they will need more education about why they should decide for your brand, product or business, and not for another. This education is normally carried out by the automated sending of e-mails , although with the increasingly incipient expansion of lead nurturing we will soon see it spread to other platforms.

As we mentioned, closing sales in the cases mentioned above (when the product purchased will have a great impact on people’s lives) will take more than one interaction to complete. That’s when they begin to carry out educational actions to show the benefits of your product or service to your potential customers. The customer relationship management (CRM)platformsthey allow to automate a process such as lead nurturing, so they make it efficient and sustainable in the long term (imagine having to send emails to thousands of people manually). But these automatic interactions with the user will vary according to the moment in which the prospects are in the purchase process, in addition to other factors. That is why we had previously commented that the sending of emails for this purpose is semi-automated: you will have to take care of segmenting your leads in the right way to ensure your correct nutrition .

Lead scoring: why is it important

Lead scoring allows you to classify leads . Without this classification, you will not have a structure or strategy when you want to apply lead nurturing. Lead nurturing actions will begin when a lead meets some criteria provided in the lead scoring, and will vary according to these criteria. Thus, a certain behavior, specified in the lead scoring, will serve as a trigger for sending an email , appropriate to the user’s profile. This helps us avoid falling into the error of sending all the leads the same email, something that we should not do under any circumstances, since all leads are different.

We can classify our prospects based on a few criteria, such as their suitability to the buyer or ideal customer, their level of knowledge of the company, and the moment you are in the purchase phase. We must educate them and inform them according to these factors (and others that we can add). It is important to know that lead scoring is an essential process to make the most of the lead databases of any company . You can learn more about lead scoring 

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After classifying our database with lead scoring, we can begin to nurture our leads.

Steps to follow to apply lead nurturing

  1. Scoring profiling

We call profiling scoring to the action of completing the profile of each user. Having a complete profile of the people who are interested in our product will allow us to classify them in a better way, in order to know what kind of content to provide each one when we teach our products or services. Because obviously, the content that will be most relevant to some users will not be so relevant to others, so being aware of the profile of our users can help us decide what content to provide each one .

  1. Inform the user

And this is achieved by sending emails that are full of content about your product or service, interesting and relevant content for each person . As we mentioned earlier, this content will vary according to the profile of each one. When a person receives information, they know the brand and can decide to buy more quickly.

  1. Persuade the user

At this point we will try to start persuading our potential client to enter the purchase process . We will do this by spreading some of our products or services in our informative mails, in a disguised and carefree way.

Some final tips

It is very important to get leads, but we should not neglect the follow-up process. If we get leads but abandon them to their fate we are not doing a good job. That is why through lead nurturing we get to know our lead, that he knows us, that he becomes a customer and that he is true to our brand. We seek to build a relationship with the leads before pushing them to buy, they should know that they can trust us.

It is important to personalize the emails, and not send them every day , because it would become annoying and we would only get them to never read to us. We can achieve personalization of the email by adding the name of the person at the top of the message, as well as a few details about your company or location. This is the importance of segmentation, it allows us to send more relevant information , getting more opportunities to gain attention and the click of the lead.

By combining the power of personalized marketing with emails that trigger according to the behavior of each lead, you could send the right marketing messages to the right people at the right time.