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Learn to create your Display campaigns for Branding and Performance

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Learn to create your Display campaigns for Branding and Performance

In the II edition of the Master in Digital Marketing of the University of Salamanca, IME Business School and Súmate, we had the opportunity to receive several professional Buy VP Design Officers Email Lists speakers, including Laura Sanz , current Head of Online Media in Orange Spain. 

With a very remarkable track record , he has worked for Orange Spain as a Product Manager of client portfolio, and as a Marketing Specialist for individuals in Vodafone.

The reason for his visit was to share his knowledge about Display Brand and Display Performance with the students of the Master in Digital Marketing at the University of Salamanca and Súmate . Knowledge about online planning and digital environments is key in the current environment and they are highly valued in the marketing departments of any company.

At the outset, he pointed out the importance of audiences : knowing where our target audience is and how to address them is essential to obtain good results in our campaigns and meet our business objectives.

Online advertising on Display

He began by exhibiting Display , a digital advertising discipline in which ads are displayed in the form of banners.

This means has many advantages . Among them, its attractiveness and its creative power stand out, as well as its scope, being able to reach many users instantly and even reimpact them through an appropriate remarketing strategy .  

Branding and Performance: two main objectives for Display

As Laura explained, this technique can focus on two objectives:

  • BRANDING: Basically, putting our brand in the mind of the consumer.
  • PERFORMANCE: Focused on achieving quantifiable objectives. We can call it as Results Marketing: that is, we will be interested in the number of interactions, registrations, downloads, sales, etc.

Once we decide to use Display advertising , we must take into account the different purchase models (CF, CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM and CPV) in the ads to achieve greater profitability in our campaigns.

Campaign Planning Display Brand

The Display Brand consists of planning in large media , editorial groups, being able to plan with more noticeable formats on the front line in a newspaper or in rotation in different sections of an editorial group.

In it, it is important to know the objective we have in each campaign, to ensure that they do not overlap each other , and plan correctly taking into account the seasonality of these, prioritizing the days and times that prevail in your audience.

In addition, something to keep in mind, which can greatly improve your results, are the hot news and socio-political events , which will attract a large number of potential new customers to the mass media. In addition to this we must take into account the Brand Safety or how we should take care of the brand so that it does not appear in environments, sites or near inappropriate news and to which we do not want to associate. The care of the brand is essential.

Segmentation criteria for Branding campaigns:

  • Sections : Where will we show? In Covers of online media, sections of said media or Premium sites …?
  • Affinity : Does my audience have interests that fit with the theme of the medium where I am going to show myself as an advertiser?
  • Sociodemographic data : With what data do I have or what interest me? We can go to media such as Facebook, which has much more segmentation capacity than most media.

On the other hand, if what we want is to go to a less massive public and direct ourselves to the individual that we believe will buy us, we will follow a Performance Marketing strategy .

Segmentation criteria for Performance Marketing campaigns:

  • Contextual: Through the use of related keywords. I do not choose a specific site, but places where you talk about the keywords related to my product.
  • Geolocation: Consists in knowing where our audience is connected from. It is useful to attract users who are near any of our stores.
  • Audiences Lookalike : Based on their behavior, through cookies , we can detect some users with characteristics similar to those we already have.
  • Retargeting : It occurs when a portal analyzes your visits to the website, and launches again the same or similar advertisement in other portals of the network, such as the Google Display Network , that the user visits to reimpact it.

In addition, we can do dynamic retargeting : that is, show the most suitable ad to the user, depending on the specific section that he has visited.

Ad formats for Brand and Performance

Depending on the objective of the campaign, we will also use some formats or others. For each type, some will be more effective than others:

  • Formats for Branding : Billboard , Skyscanner , Robapáginas … There are multiple formats, where we must include the format for Brand Day , which occupies the entire screen and are highly advisable to achieve the objective of this type of campaign. In addition, it is very important that they adapt to the mobile format , since users increasingly use the mobile phone and less the PC.