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List of 30 most used Social Networks in Online Marketing

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List of 30 most used Social Networks in Online Marketing

List of 30 most used Social Networks in Online Marketing

The teachers of Aula CM answer all the questions about Online Marketing and Social Networks of our followers. In total there are 41 questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, SEO, SEM, Analytics and WordPress to which we have responded eritrea email list in a new episode of Radio Marketing . We want to share it with you in case it can help you in Social Media work with your company.

The participating team

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Several of the professors that make up the CM classroom team have responded to this question: Bruno Vázquez-Dodero , Elena Charameli , Ernesto G. Bustamante , Alicia Ro , David Campos and Fernando Tellado .

CM Classroom TeachersCM Classroom Teachers

You can also ask
From this moment, we open a new round of questions for all our readers. If you have any questions about Online Marketing that you do not know how to solve, leave it written in the comments section below ⬇. We will include it in the next chapter of Radio Marketing that we dedicate to this topic and, of course, we will be happy to lend a hand.

The 41 questions about Online Marketing
If you prefer to listen to the podcast with the 41 answers, here you have it. We have also added a transcript of the content below. We especially thank all the students of the CM Course and the WP Course who have participated by asking their questions.

Fusion profile and fan page Facebook1. Fusion between profile and Facebook page
María Aparicio: Hello, a friend has a fashion store, she has created a profile on Facebook, I insist on changing to a fan page, but she is afraid of losing the transfer to her contacts. I have read that sometimes they are not all transferred. How can I convince her to change it?

Elena : Well, very simple. What we can recommend is that you try to migrate from that profile to a page. So, in this case, there are quite a few guarantees that I will be able to transfer all the contacts without problem. Of course, you will lose the content. In this case, what you can do to reuse it is to download it, that there is an option from the profile, and then be able to reuse it on the page, at least the most important thing or what worked best in the profile.

Facebook Ads2. Ads on Facebook
Pablo Villeda: What to do when a client has little money to invest in Facebook? Is it better to invest that money in getting more followers or in promoting a publication?

Alicia : I would tell you, first of all, that that brand that has little money does not worry because in principle to do well on Facebook you do not have to have a big budget. In fact, the first thing we have to consider as a brand, the first objective, should be to try to get customers who already know you to participate in your fan page. That is your number one goal. And for that you have to make good publications, with good content, that encourage interaction.

Then, if you also want to invest a little money in ads, between these two options you pose, the truth is that the ad to get more followers is fine if the fan page has just started. If you have practically no followers, it can be a good option. Later, the type of advertisement that consists of promoting a publication is working very well, it is very effective. In that case, what I would do is take the most successful publications so far, that we can find them in statistics, and promote some of those publications.

Web Positioning3. Web positioning
Esther Palma: Is it possible for an unofficial page of a company to be positioned organically above the official one?

Bruno : Perfectly, because the reasons for a page position do not depend so much on it being the official page or not. If an unofficial page has more visits, people last much longer on that page than on the official page, people share it more in social networks, those would be much more valid reasons for that page to be worth positioning. So, official or not, you have to make very good pages with content that you like, that people last a long time in reading and that you share.

Social Networks Strategy4. Strategy in Social Networks
María González: What about a client who tells you that their potential buyers of products or services are not on social networks? Is it worthwhile to insist on creating certain profiles? Is it possible in these times to subtract from social networks?

Alicia : The first thing I would try is to check or investigate if, indeed, what the brand says is true. That is, I would try to really analyze what is the target audience of that brand based on factors such as age, gender, tastes, concerns, etc., and check whether that target audience really has no presence in any social network. If so, I would suggest that maybe Social Media is not a field of action within my marketing strategy, just as there are other fields that are much more interesting for me.

I believe that the important thing here is to transmit to brands that they have to be where their target audience is, that is, they have to be present in those social networks where their potential customers are. With which, if they are not on social networks, well hey, you’ll have to be somewhere else.

Twitter tools5. Twitter tools
Gloria Villalobos: Of all the Twitter tools, what are your favorites?

Ernesto : First of all we have to say that there are a lot of tools for Twitter, but after all I think that the ones that are really useful are the ones that you use daily and that serve you.

Of all of them, I would highlight TweetDeck in the first place , which is a tool to monitor in real time the activity on Twitter, that is, to see what is being said around a certain hashtag, mentions, users, keywords, etc. . And it helps you to see what is being said, what is happening at that moment on Twitter.

Second, Tweet Binder. It is a tool that helps us measure the impact of a given campaign. At a certain time we can measure statistics, number of tweets, more active users, etc. I would highlight that this tool has a very intuitive panel, very simple to use, but at the same time it is very powerful.

Finally, there is a tool that we use a lot here in Aula CM and I also use it a lot, which is Buffer. It helps you to program tweets over time. So if at a certain time you can not be there, on Twitter, you can leave that content and those tweets scheduled on certain dates.

Facebook sweepstakes6. Draws on Facebook
Guadalupe Domínguez: What can and can not be done when organizing a draw on Facebook?

Elena : Well look, there’s a lot of debate here because, of course, there are companies that do follow the rules or policies that Facebook has established a bit, but there is also a bit of everything.

So what I would recommend is, above all, not to force the users or to be tagged in the photos, which is not allowed and that Facebook usually penalizes, nor force the user to be a fan of the page to be able to take part. That would be a little what is not recommended and what Facebook penalizes.

Then you also have to keep in mind that if you want to do a good contest, you should specify very well the rules, how it works, what the prize is, the age of the people who can participate, it’s also something that Facebook sees as important, and well, a little bit also the dates of the contest, the age that I already commented and what would be the final prize, the bases for the contest. All that would have to be published both on the Facebook page and on the company’s website.

Eight out of ten people who use the Internet in Spain are in a Social Network. Which means that we are 17 million of users in social networks . And which are the most used? If you dedicate yourself to Online Marketing, you should know, because brands have to be where their “target audience” is. Below we tell you where consumers are currently.

The 30 most used social networks by Brands
The users are an average of almost 4 hours a week on social networks. Normally, we enter these platforms to find out what our contacts do, watch videos, listen to music, send messages, inform us and share content. The most successful social networks are these:

Facebook logo social networks1. Facebook , to relate to known environments
It is a very personal social network, family and close circles. We use it to keep abreast of the life of our contacts and share with others the most relevant of ours. It has 2,200 million users!

In April 2012 Facebook acquired Instagram and two years later, in 2014, it bought the mobile messaging service WhatsApp.

Facebook brands and companies
Facebook continues to enjoy a lot of popularity.

This platform is useful for businesses that have customers in the offline . The goal in this social network is to get the participation of the public that already knows you to build loyalty. If you captivate your followers and get them to be active on your page, your nearest environment will find out. This is what is called Recommendation Marketing.

In other words, the mission of any brand on Facebook is for people to “like”, leave comments and share their publications. It is useless for a Fan Page to have thousands of followers if afterwards there is no movement in it and the users do not interact.

We, for example, on the CM Classroom page have 2 or 3 types of publications that work best for us and we often use them in different ways. That’s the key: analyze what your fans like, with what content they are mobilized and use them frequently.

Facebook continues to be the network chosen by consumers to follow their favorite brands.
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YouTube social networks logo2. Youtube , the network with the most growth forecast in the coming years
It is the number 1 video platform internationally. It has 1 billion active users per month. We use YouTube to watch and post videos of all kinds, especially musicals. After Google, it is the most used search engine in the world and will be more and more present in our daily life: in a short time, it will be filtered in the living room of our house thanks to the TVs with Internet access, so that it will become in one more option of the remote control.

Youtube Social NetworksMany brands can take advantage of YouTube and offer interesting video content value for their users in a more effective way than if they did it through the text. The audiovisual format and the images are a good way to approach the target audience, attract them and generate an emotional bond with them. That is why more and more companies have their own channel in this social network. In addition, the videos that you upload to Youtube positioned very well and have a lot of visibility on Google.

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