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List of ALL Social Networks of the World in 2019

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List of ALL Social Networks of the World in 2019

Social networks live in constant evolution. Some endure, others modify their nature, others die. This article brings together the platforms and social networks grouped by the most important categories of the moment. Also, in this post you will find some recommendations to get more out of these platforms.

Web PositioningIntroduction to social networks
The origin of social networks is marked by the desire to gather people. Almost a decade before the launch of Facebook, in 1995 Randy Conrads created Classmates.com. His idea was to help people to find old schoolmates, keep them, etc.

The platform has changed significantly and is no longer what it was, but it describes a bit the intention of this type of personal networks. Today we can find many platforms and categories, some absolutely personal and others with more professional dyes.

With the implementation of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) the apps have arrived. Communication has become even more effective, because it is no longer necessary to access it through a computer, but it is in our pockets.

Another key factor for the transformation of networks is geolocation, which has opened a world of possibilities for both users and businesses.

In this post you will find dozens of options for your brand. Surely you will discover some new option, but before asking yourself if you are interested, analyze well what your objectives are. Take into account all these points in your online marketing strategy:

How to classify social networks?
Categorizing networks is a challenge. Not only are they numerous, but they often occupy several competitions or have several aspects controller email list. This is the case of Twitter, which in principle is a personal network where people express themselves freely. However, for marketers it is an excellent source of information and for journalists alike.

We have all accepted that LinkedIn is the professional territory par excellence. However, it is easier to get in touch with another professional through Twitter. On Twitter it is possible to create a less formal networking and much faster than we could achieve on platforms created for that purpose, such as LinkedIn.

The same happens with Skype, for example, which in principle is a messenger of a personal nature, but many companies use it for internal management. That is, it is not easy to classify a social network because sometimes it fulfills characteristics common to several categories.

Presence Social NetworksSocial Networks and Platforms by category
Now, let’s go with our selection. The first block will be dedicated to more everyday networks such as personal networks, image and photography networks or video networks. We will also refer to other types of communities, such as the forums and the huge flow of communication that instant messaging is generating.

One of the big differences between traditional marketing and current marketing is that we now face a more suspicious user, who wants to decide, who does not want anyone to sell him anything.

Personal social networks
Personal social networks are those that most respect the essence of when they were created. They pretend to have a more personal or human character, relate friends and family, people who are looking for or want to be found.

Some of these networks are more successful in some regions than in others. Beyond working in America, Europe or Asia, some work significantly more in a single country. This is the case of the old Orkut of Brazil, Hyves in Holland or Sibir in Bulgaria.

Tips for your brand:
Find out in which network your users are, what feelings move them, what they share in them. The interesting thing is not in which network you fit as a company (that’s what other platforms are for), but where your users spend more time.

TV was left behind, your users spend more time in front of their phone than in front of the TV. What’s more, now they watch TV while surfing, they like a photo on Instagram or send a message on WhatsApp.

• Be present in the networks where your users are.
• Create a community with them, imply and imply them.
• Monitor your language and get in tune with that of the network itself and your buyers. They do not go to their personal networks to sell them things.
• When you use ads (Ads) analyze well what possibilities the platform offers you to optimize your results.

With more than two billion users, it is the most widespread network of all. Since it was created in 2004 it has not stopped growing. The United States and India are the two countries that contribute the most users.
The Facebook ad system is very complete and is constantly growing.Social Gaming / Gaming networks
Only the theme of the games would take us a separate post. Online players are a community and have always known how to group together. We are not talking about social gaming here, but about specific social networks for this peculiar target.

This powerful industry moves millions of euros every year. The passage between passion and addiction in this sector is quite short at times. These users spend hours on specialized websites challenging others and themselves in an infinite game.

Twitch: It is currently a social gaming network that grows most in users. It is focused on content related to video games and streaming of Youtubers recognized in this field. In addition, it is common to be used to broadcast videogame championships.

Game duell: This multi-platform gaming community is based in Berlin. It operates almost a hundred games that its more than 130 million users can play in 7 languages. , Arcade game, cards, action … Game duell has games of each category. She is creator of Fluffy Birds, Maya Pyramid or Jungle Jewels.

Uberchar: Created by players and for MMO players. Allows users to share their achievements of World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online or thousands of other games. You can rate the characters of other players. It allows you to create clans, pages or follow the publications of your favorite communities.

Miniclip: It is one of the largest online gaming companies, winner of the Webby Awards. In 2015, Tencent (a giant of video games) made a great investment in Miniclip that unified the strategy of both companies.

NosPlay: Social network of games in Spanish. In it each player has his profile, where he keeps organized his catalog of games, his friends, etc. being able to comment on their videogames and publicize their ratings to the public.

Player Me: From a simple interface simple aspect with sections are well organized. It has a channel in real time that shows latest conversations and streamings initiated by users and lets you participate in them.

Press: It is associated to the application of streaming games Twitch, from Amazon. It focuses on users who play a lot and who follow their favorite players. His intention is to improve the community around Twitch.

Social networks, applications and Geolocation platforms
Geolocation is one of the great changes that have affected the way we communicate today. It has also changed our way of traveling, enjoying our leisure and above all, buying.

Google: Google is like the great eye that sees everything, through all the permissions that we give in all our devices and in connection with Maps.

AkaAki: With this application for mobile it is possible to detect users who are close to us. It can work via bluetooth or telephone antenna. Everyone who uses the program will be able to detect other members who are close to them.
It works through stickers that define tastes, interests and personality traits.

Swarm: This application application of Foursquare, which wants to go further and give its users the ability to share location and be able to meet friends through Swarm. With options such as “Plans” or “Neighborhoods” users can be contacted thanks to geolocation.

Shopkick: An app intended for sale. Their “kiks” can be redeemed at the many shops subscribed to the program (Macy’s, Tiffany & Co., Nike, Toy’R’Us). Available for iOS and Android.

Nextdoor: Nobody closer to you than your neighbors. Nextdoor gives you information about the people who live around you. To register you only need to locate the house on the map and give an exact address.

Forums and discussions
The forums are a special example of how people organize themselves in community. Before the appearance of social networks, Internet users were already grouped in forums attracted by a common interest.

It is almost always the passion for an activity or hobby that unites people in a forum. There are forums on almost everything: mountaineering, motoring, photography, beauty, maternity, cycling, sex, programming …, forums that have occupied the first places in the most visited websites. This is the case of Forocoches, for example. Brands such as PepeCars or Hawkers.

Advice for your brand:
Find out about all forums in which your target audience could be. Draw a strategy to connect with them and get in touch naturally.

Maybe instead of telling the benefits of your product directly, you could consider a DIY or a tutorial where you simply use it.

Take care to do spam in the forums because it is a very chastened community in this sense and the action can be counterproductive.Forocoches: It is an Internet forum in Spanish initially oriented to motoring that allows the creation of threads of discussion on virtually any topic. According to the Alexa ranking, ForoCoches is one of the 100 most visited websites in Spain.

Enfemenino: Belongs to the Aufeminin Group, which has the same magazine in several countries and languages. It is a distinctly feminine forum that groups thousands of threads of discussion. Recommendations on products, maternity, DIYs; In this forum you can find debates on almost any topic. It also includes a current affairs magazine and trends.

Nikonistas: Website where lovers of photography, especially the Japanese brand Nikon, discuss their products. It is a reference site for users who want to know in detail about any camera or accessory before buying it.

Canonists: The passionate community of Canon also opened its site. In addition to discussions about brand products, they also have a store and offer photography courses at various levels.

Todoviajeros: Reference site for anyone who sets out to take a trip. You can find threads about specific cities or entire routes, travel by car, by plane. Almost everything you need to know before traveling to any destination counted from the experience of other travelers.

MeriStation: The most visited Spanish-language portal in the video game industry. The lovers of gaming have here a site of analysis and video analysis, advances, impressions, articles, news. Also an entire arsenal of tricks or video game guides.

With several correspondents in Tokyo and the United States they give coverage to fairs of the sector. On the page, in addition to collaborators, they write specialists in the field.

Bubble: It is a forum focused on the economy. Finance, stock exchange, investments. Although you can also find discussions about politics or a current controversial issue.

MotorTalk.de A whole platform on automotive. News, demonstrations, a paradise for motor fans. This German community has several forums within the site itself, plus a good number of specialized blosg.

ForoMTB: Possibly the most popular cycling forum in Spain. Maybe in its origins it points to mountain bikes, hence its name.

However, it includes all modalities on two wheels. Stops, routes, recommended stores, purchase-sale of material. All the necessary information for lovers of bikes.

Vanilla: It is a platform for open-source discussion forums. It is multi-language, very customizable and compatible with standards. It has many plugins and is an interesting option if you want to plant a forum on your websie. highly customizable that you would have to take into account for your website.

Hifi Forum: If the image and sound are your thing, this site is a must. Of actuality, yes, it is in German.

vBulletin: It is a system specialized in the creation of photos, developed by vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Since its initial release there have been several changes and improvements. It is necessary to acquire a license to use it.

Its technology is the most common to create photos. It has a large number of developers. Simple installation and management, it is not necessary a great domain of the subject for its management.

4chan: This American forum started as a discussion center for manga drawings. Today there are subforums on all topics and is one of the most important forums in the United States. Lately he also devotes a lot of space to the creation of memes.

9gag: But undoubtedly the paradise of the memes is 9gag. On this site you can find memes and animated images on almost all subjects, from movies, comics, baseball. The community votes, shares, comments, etc. The “gags” are uploaded as posts in a blog.

There are many campaigns that take advantage of social networks specialized in images and video to launch powerful advertising campaigns.
Take note of these 30 great examples of content marketing in social networks.

Platforms and social networks to link and relate
Meeting now is easier than ever. On your smartphone you can have access to thousands of people eager to contact. As we will see, all these social networks to link are not identical although they coincide in their main objective. Each one is destined to a certain profile.

Tinder: A reference in the sector. With millions of profiles accepted, this social network to link has a good share of the “love” market. Available for Android and iOS. You can download for free on Google Play and the App Store, more than 20 languages. Slogan: Slide, match, chat.

Its Smart Photos function reorders the user’s images to show the most popular ones in the first place.
Meetup: Once you have entered your zip code, the social network itself organizes a meeting based on common interests.

Bumble: It is based on the geographical location and is an application to link where women are the ones who take the first step. That is, the boys can not establish contact, but respond to the girls when they have been contacted. It was created by Whitney Wolfe, a former director of Tinder.

Grindr: This social network is linked to the gay community. It has free and paid account, which is more complete, with more services. It is a geosocial app and enjoys a lot of popularity

Before continuing, I want to recommend one of the star articles of that blog: 365 Marketing and Advertising actions. Add it to your bookmarks because it’s a great complement to this list of networks.

social networks for companies and professionalsSocial networks for professionals and companies
We are now going to see a set of platforms more focused on professionals, business management and organization. They will help you to have a more global vision of how to integrate these tools into your personal or professional life.

Professional, networking and corporate social networks
When we talk about professional social networks, it immediately comes to mind LinkedIn. It is normal, its active members grow from million to millions and it has even spread to people with very little use of computer tools.
But it is not the only good example of corporate social networks that connect professionals in the network, facilitating a virtual networking that often generates good business opportunities.

Tips for your brand:
Currently, the search for professionals has a very good source in this type of networks. Make use of them when you are looking for a very precise profile.

Professional social networks can also be a place to find clients. The so-called “social selling” has many perspectives in this type of networks. Analyze well what your opportunities are especially if your company is B2B-cut.

Here you have 25 actions that you can implement right now to improve your strategy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: It is the most powerful professional social network worldwide. It has managed to gain the trust of users and companies. Here people meet in active job search and companies looking for professionals and clients.

Xing: This online networking platform is the place where Chinese professionals meet. With this social software it is possible to manage contacts and establish new connections between professionals of any sector. It is based on the principle of the Six degrees of separation.

Viadeo: This community is focused on the professional environment and the business world. It allows generating business networks by contacting colleagues from the university, previous jobs, potential suppliers or partners, etc.

Womenalia: Professional women are grouped in this global social network. The networking is built from their profiles, interests and related needs. With the common objective of increasing the visibility of female talent in the business field, Womenalia is a benchmark.

Github: A platform created to facilitate the collaborative development of software. Allows hosting projects for free and usually in a public way. However, with the payment option you can also host projects in private mode.

AngelList: It is a corporate social network that connects startups and investors. This social network has become a benchmark in the sector. You can register under an investor, startup or professional profile. It has some tools that bring it closer to crowdfunding.

BeBee: Like Twitter, it has an open social model, that is, some users can see the publications of the rest without being “friends”. Although it does not have a high user quota, it is quite complete for professionals.
This collaborative platform continues to grow. It also works as a web platform where you can find a job.

Glassdoor: Some qualify it as the “TripAdvisor” of Human Resources. On this American website, employees and former employees “anonymously” evaluate companies and their management.

Product hunt: If you are a professional in the technological field, you may be interested in this online community. Here, products (applications, projects, websites, tools) are presented and submitted to a vote. Then, a curated ranking is shown with the best products on the web, according to those votes of the community.Ning: The virtue of this platform is that it allows us to create social networks. If yours is a niche or you want to create your own specialized social network, Ning is an option. Keep it in mind if you want to create a community around specific interests or directed to specific audiences.

Mixxt: With the same intentions as Ning, but less powerful. This web service allows us to create and manage our own social network. Once created, you can start creating the community by inviting your contacts, friends, customers, etc. The payment option allows a larger number of members and more space.

Social networks of business management
There is a good set of platforms that companies take advantage of for their internal communication. Instead of followers or followers, in these networks there are members who interact by saving time and centralizing communication.

Most of these softwares allow private conversations, establish public and private channels or share files. They are frankly useful for companies as well as freelancers or freelancers.

Trello: It is a project management software with web interface. It uses a kanban system or “card system” for the registration of activities with virtual cards. From this virtual board, tasks are organized, it allows to attach files, tag events, add comments, tag members, etc. Very effective and easy to use.

Skype: Of the most widespread options internationally. Its simplicity, its clean interface, the comfort of its use have made it available on all our computers and mobile devices. This communication software is available in 45 different languages. Its “Skype for Business” tool is directly aimed at companies.

Yammer: Private social network for organizations that has been created around forms of open communication. It can be used to effectively solve a number of problems and publish recommended procedures. Its members can organize themselves to work as a team in coordination.

Tibbr: It is conceived as a social platform for business environments. It is an excellent tool to engage in public and private conversations. It allows you to track issues, publish surveys and plan calendar events.

Twilio: It’s the technology behind services like Airbnb and Uber. It is the support that allows companies and customers to communicate. This is done by guests and hosts who communicate through Airbnb. It allows such essential things as verifying your phone number.

Slack: This messaging in real time facilitates the management of work groups. It facilitates the creation of working groups among an unlimited number of members, from where they can communicate and work together. It’s free, although it has paid versions. It is integrated with other tools such as Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive or Trello.

Dialpad: Designed for the most innovative companies to connect at all levels. Your dial pad is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work or Salesforce. Its clients include companies such as Netflix or Motorola.

Platforms of Micromedia (blog / microblogging)
“Less is more”, or as you would say in Spanish “Less is more”. Maybe that’s why microblogging platforms have so much charm. In this field, Twitter is the greatest exponent, but take note of these other options.

Twitter: Although its mythical 140 characters have doubled, Twitter is still the reference microblogging network. His death has been more than announced, but the truth is that millions of users continue to give life to hashtags in a network that reflects today as no other.
It is a fundamental network for marketers, digital journalists and for almost any sector.

Tumblr: Easy to use and very customizable. It allows to blog content from other users. It goes way of the 800 million users and it does not stop growing. Although the public of Facebook or Twitter is considered “greater”, the Tumblr community is totally millennial.

Sina Weibo: Halfway between Twitter and Facebook, this microblogging platform is used mostly in China. In 2018 it reached 376 million users according to figures from Hootsuite.

Communote: Launched more than a decade ago, this microblogging network puts the focus on internal use in companies. In June 2016, its source code was released freely on GitHub.

Plurk: Free social and microblogging network that allows users to send “Plurks” in the form of short messages. Plurk is very popular Asia, especially in Taiwan and gains ground in the US.Delicious: A classic in the management of social bookmarking on the web. It allows to add the markers and categorize them with a labeling system. You can also share them with other users of del.icio.us.

Evernote: The notes are essential when organizing and Evernote facilitates that labro. There are installable versions for various operating systems and a web version. The version of the software for Windows is compatible with touch screens and handwriting recognition.

Pocket: It has enough points in common with Evernote. tool is designed to store content in the cloud for later reading or viewing on the PC, Tablet or Smartphone, even without an Internet connection.

The links and pages can be stored from the browser, by email or from thousands of applications such as Pulse, Zite and Twitter.

Instapaper: This bookmarking service is a very popular tool. It allows you to save at any time those websites that you consider interesting.

Feedly: As the name implies, it is a feed reader. Very valid to organize and quickly access all the news and updates of blogs. You can use it from a web browser or from your applications for smartphones.

Reddit: Halfway between a discussion site and a news aggregator. It calls itself “Internet Portal” and users share links to web content, which receive votes for or against by other users. Users who receive more positive votes appear as highlighted.

Platforms to host Documents in the cloud
What is certain is that access to information is one of the great pillars of the internet. Beyond the speed, the possibility of accessing a good number of data with a couple of clicks is what makes the difference.

Clouds full of information, files, space to store and take what we need.

Both personally and professionally, every day we access a good number of documents, images, videos, audios stored in clouds. From “boxes” to authentic virtual libraries available to everyone:

Google Drive: Google Drive is a Google file hosting service. It is the improved result of what was one day Google Docs. It is used by a multitude of users. Commonly used for almost all professionals waiting for what will happen with Google One.

Box: Has accounts for people and companies. This website of exchange of files in the cloud, is very useful for the management of contents of services for companies. Your Freemium business model.

Scrib: This is already a reference when it comes to finding essays, books, monographs and information in general. The documents are shared in various formats. Scribd uses iPaper format, which is a rich document format similar to the PDF built for the web, which allows users to embed documents in a web page.

Dropbox: Allows the storage of files on the Internet, synchronize it among several devices, share them with friends. Very useful for work teams, because it is very easy to access your storage.

Prezi: Its graphical interface with zoom allows you a better view of the presentation area. It works as a presentation tool for the exchange of ideas. The elements of text, image or video are placed on the canvas, and can be grouped in frames.

Slideshare: It is the network of presentations (slides / slides) par excellence. If marketing is your thing, it is one of those social networks that you should never miss because it helps significantly in the web positioning.

Issuu: Allows the visualization of digitized material (books, documents, magazines, newspapers). He shows them in a realistic way, which makes him very attractive. In the case of books and magazines, you can even see two pages at a time, with an opening of 180 degrees.

Twidox: This collective online library has an extensive catalog of documents created and shared by the users themselves. It is a social network focused on uploading and sharing different types of documents (images, excel files, pdf, ppt, among others).

Gutenberg Project (PG): An entire digital library, an extensive catalog of free electronic books from books that already exist physically. Free reading. Compatible with Kindle, EPUB, ASCII, UTF-8. They can also be read online. The texts that are provided are mainly in the public domain.Event Platforms
Event platforms are essential websites for professionals in any sector. They publish and advertise events of all kinds: fairs, conferences, master classes …

The creation of events is a great way to strengthen the image of a company. They not only provide visibility, but also give you the opportunity to show your brand values. They can be events related to the sector, solidarity events, payment, free.

When you have your event created, be sure to announce it on any of these platforms.

Tips for your brand:
Think about what kind of event you can do according to your needs, your audience, and your budget.

Analyze your sector, what your competition does, what can you do that is different. What do you want your brand to relate to?

When designing your event, keep in mind your goals as a brand. For example, in AulaCM we have two important events: ProMarketing Day and the Annual Meeting of Marketing and Advertising Agencies. Both have different profiles that respond to different objectives.

If what slows you down is the budget, remember that you always have the opportunity to go to sponsors or collaborators. Of course, have the idea very polished when you go to propose it.

Eventbrite: It is the simplest and most reliable way to sell tickets or to register participants in any type of events. Through a very efficient filtering system, you can connect with millions of people. It is a most powerful event base in the world.

Ticketea: It is the Spanish version of Eventbrite and it is owned by you since April 2018. In Ticketea you can find tickets for a Metallica concert or for a tourism fair.

Facebook Events: It is one of the Facebook services, available for users and for fanpages. Users usually receive notifications when one of their contacts is going to attend a nearby event through geolocation.

 Eventful: Allows users to discover which are the next events that will take place in their proximity area.

Social networks about Crowdfunding
Funding can be a problem if you have an entrepreneurial idea in mind. As it is a common problem, a few networks that facilitate crowdfunding or collective financing have been quick to emerge.

Ulule: Leading crowdfunding platform in Europe. It pretends to give life to good ideas and works under the modality of rewards. It is present in some 200 countries and 7 languages.

Migranodearena.org: Solidarity crowdfunding platform. That is, it is about group donations, whose objective is to raise funds in favor of NGOs. It does not work for rewards, but directly for donations.

Verkami: Specializes in cultural, creative and innovative projects. Rewards system It works in several languages.

Lánzanos: It is a Spanish platform. Work with all kinds of projects, of any category. One of its novelties is the mechanism called “The Box”, a process of prior validation.

Drip: Projects of a social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological or ecological nature. It proposes a type of minimum budget and an optimal one in two rounds of financing. 5-MY SAND GRAIN.

If you plan to start or start a business and you are in the preparation phase, these articles may help you to get a better idea:
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Social Shopping Social Networks
Our way of buying and selling has changed. The faces of e-commerce are many and niche articles have found a fabulous space on the network.

With the authority that consumers have been charging, various sales platforms have emerged that must be taken into account.

Tips for your brand:
If you have a small brand or if you have started your path of entrepreneurship, take good note of these fashionable social networks. Some will be very appropriate for you.

Even if you have your own website where you can display your product and even sell it directly there, it would be convenient to look at these options. The reason is simple: they have a very defined niche, the profile of users who visit them knows very well what they are looking for.

Find out if there is a platform where your product fits naturally. There are different profiles (bio, handmade, vintage products).

DaWanda: It is the leading online market for unique and exclusive handmade products in Europe. It has not stopped growing and every day is more popular. Believe me, I’m not just talking about an ecommerce. There is a whole community behind DaWanda that holds workshops, events and a lot of creative actions.