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Measure The Effect of The Influencers

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Measure The Effect of The Influencers

When we talk about influencers , we are talking fundamentally about reputation. We are moving, therefore, in the terrain of the intangible rather than the constable VP Communications Officer Email Lists. The influencer drives the consumer decision and, sometimes, it does so in a very determinant way, but sometimes it is very complicated to attribute a specific weight to its influence in the mix of factors that are part of this decision.

Despite this, there are indicators that can be taken into account to try to know the marketing efficiency of influencers .

To know what to measure in the social networks of these influencers , we must avoid falling into the trap of limiting ourselves only and exclusively to their likes . Sometimes it is common to think that the efforts made in the networks have the sole purpose of increasing awareness and engagement . However, this is valid only for some brands, usually already recognized.

How to know the ROI of the in fluencers

We can know the ROI within the influencers marketing through several KPI’s that we will obtain in different ways:

  • Direct selling : providing our influencer with a unique code that his audience will use to pay, thus benefiting from a small discount. Thus we will know to what extent the recommendation of this influencer influences the direct sale of a product. These redeemed coupons will serve as a KPI for further analysis.
  • Audience : perhaps the most common goal, but not the most important , this will provide us with another KPI that we will know as impressions , that is, the number of times our publication has been viewed.
  • Potential customers: leads generated as a result of the publication.
  • Content generated by the influencer for your brand.
  • Reactions of users to publications related to our brand.
  • Number of followers achieved in our social networks as a result of the work of our ambassador.

Last year a report by the IAB of Mexico in its “Investment Study in Internet Communication 2018” calculated a 34% increase in the investment of strategies with influencers in publications. For this reason, there are sectors where the work of the influencer is felt, and much, in the evolution and performance of brands. The reader surely comes to mind the sector of fashion and beauty, and undoubtedly the main one, but today it is evident the expansion of the strategy of influencers to many other sectors of consumption by impulse and even others where the purchase decision is much longer, like that of the automobile.

The influencers and the quality of the context

Currently the quality of the followers is a determining factor for the presence of the so-called fake followers

Influential, a leading company in the influence of artificial intelligence, in collaboration with the IBM company, announced this year the foundation of the BFPC , the Bot Fraud Prevention Council ( Bot Fraud Prevention Council ). In this way he wants to take a firm stand to eradicate the fraud and the negative effects that these bots bring to the advertising and marketing ecosystem .

Although many agencies and brands were initially focused only on the scope or number of followers of an influencer , today the consensus of the sector is to grant a more qualitative than quantitative value to these actions , because what ultimately happens is that the influencer extends your image to that of the product or service . Then, factors such as the sentiment detected in the context of the comments made by the users come into play, as well as the quality of the content in whose context the recommendation or the product placement is producedby the influencer.. Likewise, agencies and clients begin to understand that they need to establish symbiotic relationships with these new types of “brand ambassador”in the digital domain. This quality of content is especially important when the influence strategy is going to be developed in blogs and video blogs. Previously used to be complementary actions within the marketing mix , justified with some quantitative data, highlighting the good work of the influencers and often generating a gap between what they transmitted and what the brand expected.

market has tended to a better analysis of the work developed by these ambassadors .

It should be noted that the influencers strategy is profitable. Between seven and twelve dollars of impact valuation for each dollar invested is a ratio that falls within reasonable parameters. According to the IAB Spain, in its “Annual Survey of Social Networks 2018” and l 85% of the Spanish population uses social networks, within which 72% ensures follow influencers in them . However, again we move in the field of intangibles and it depends a lot on each sector and even on the philosophy of communication, public relations and marketing of each brand to decide if this strategy is really timely.

Thus, the most interesting trend for measuring influencers’ impact  is the use of Digital Intelligence tools , as well as a  mix between the work of the influencerand the hiring of paid field social advertising . And, of course, a clear decision to incorporate influencers can be very appropriate within the framework of a brand’s content and inbound marketing strategy.