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Micro Influencers why Bet On Them

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Micro Influencers why Bet On Them

As we have already pointed out, the influencer marketing boom has been unstoppable VP Communications Officer Email Lists. These types of strategies have been consolidated in the market and over the years the influencers sector has undergone a professionalization. Hence, new types of influencers have emerged.

In our post about: Influencer Marketing: the speaker to go further in social networks define influencers as: “that person who by his knowledge, position or popularity has the ability to influence the actions and decisions of other individuals. “But, what are the main types of influencers ? What are the differences between celebrities , macro-influencers and micro-influencers? Which one should I choose for my digital strategy? From Súmate we hope that in this post you will find an answer to all your doubts, and if not, you can always contact us and we will help you with your digital strategy.

They are people mainly known for being famous and not for their activity in social networks . That is to say, that its popularity is due to its activity outside the networks. They are also characterized by having more than > 1,000,000 followers.

A good example of celebrity is Sara Carbonero, known for her professional career as a presenter.

These types of users have managed to capture the attention of more than> 100,000 followers . They are known for their activity on social networks, whether through Instagram, YouTube or Blog. They are characterized by being creators of born content . They also have a broad community and a wide reach in their publications . One of the advantages of collaborating with this type of influencers is that they are used to working with brands. 

On this occasion we will give an example to María Pombo, currently one of the most important influencers in our country. Collaborate with brands such as: GHD, Agatha Paris, Bobbi Brown, etc.

The micro-influencers are the users with a much smaller community, usually have> 1000 followers . They stand out for addressing very niche audiences but are also characterized by having a closer relationship with their followers given the constant dialogue with them.  

In this case, Ana, better known as HendayeStyle, focuses mainly on generating content related to ‘slow life’ and proposes topics such as: family, fashion, yoga, cooking or decoration.