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Mobile Marketing: know the advantages of this essential strategy

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Mobile Marketing: know the advantages of this essential strategy

Since the creation of smartphones in 2007 we have witnessed an exponential growth in the use of mobile devices . When its use increased, it also increased the advertising potential they offered: more and more advertisers chose this medium for their buy youtube views marketing campaigns. The large market of users offered by mobile devices allowed the creation of a new branch in digital marketing: mobile marketing . Keep reading to learn all about marketing on mobile devices, and the innumerable advantages that can provide your brand.

What is mobile marketing?

We could define mobile marketing (or mobile marketing, in Spanish) as the set of marketing actions that target mobile devices and their users . In this way, advertising campaigns adapt to the formats offered by mobile devices, taking advantage of the massive increase in the use of the latter to reach more people. The success of mobile telephony made it necessary for companies to adapt to this new medium by offering responsive marketing , as it is a great medium for advertisers and their advertising .

Keeping us connected through our phones is part of our daily lives, and that strongly influences the way we relate to brands and the perception we have of them. With the use of the devices dialogue between the brand and the consumer is generated , giving rise to a bidirectional type communication. In addition, users become prosumers , that is, users who not only consume, but also give their opinions and inform other users, influencing the reputation of the brand .

The new mobile world generates hyperconnectivity : users have a great facility to connect and access the Internet, and they are constantly connected. Hyper-connectivity requires that the campaigns of each business adapt to mobile format, since it is more likely that the brand is reached by a search from the mobile than by a search on the PC . When the brand includes mobile in its marketing strategies, conversions will increase as there will be a deeper connection with all mobile consumers , and, of course, much more likely to reach them .

Did you know that approximately 21.5 million people (between 16 and 65 years old) use mobile devices in Spain to access the Internet? That’s 94% of the population. That is why the importance of mobile marketing for business and its unlimited potential is so insisted on.

In addition, when someone wants to acquire something, for example, it is very likely that before accessing the Internet and verify either the website of the brand or reviews of users. If the brand has a good reputation (good perception by users) will be much more likely that the person decides to acquire something of that brand and not another. Mobile marketing allows you to give a correct mobile visibility to your brand (through social networks, a responsive website or an app) facilitating a considerable increase in your conversions.

Mobile marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns, of course, do not have to be exclusively mobile marketing , in fact, some of the most effective combine several means, including online and offline. However, what we want to highlight here is that mobile marketing being a branch that evolved so recently and in such an incredibly fast way , it is easy to forget its implementation, and it is of fundamental importance.

There are several actions that we can develop when we want to launch a mobile marketing campaign, but there are some more important ones that we can start with. For example, the applications. Developing a mobile application of your business will favor the perception of the brand, generating more conversions, attracting new customers and building loyalty to those that are already common . It is one more way in which the business will be present, and in fact a very important way, as we have already mentioned. If you decide to launch an app, you must also generate a good dissemination campaign for everyone to know.

If your business does not yet have its own app, or you simply want to promote your application or your website, “in-apps” advertising is useful . They are ads that appear in different third-party applications. Being visible only from mobile devices, they have to have a format 100% adapted to them . If you have already developed an application, you can offer in-apps advertising to other brands, to cover expenses and offer your application for free (therefore, reach more users).

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Networks are another big issue to consider. An interesting fact is that the access of networks from mobile devices greatly exceeds access from desktop computers . In addition, ad campaigns in networks have very powerful segmentation possibilities, these being the ones that offer the best return on investment (ROI). You will notice the difference when launching campaigns adapted to mobile format in social networks .

When it comes to uploading videos to the social networks of the business, we can make a simple change to optimize them to the mobile: make them reproducible in vertical screen . Given the format of mobile screens, a vertical video allows you to play videos from your mobile in a comfortable way. However, it is a tool still little exploited. It is also a good idea to put text in the videos because users will not always be able to reproduce them with sound .

Also, you should not delay the development of responsive emails . Many people read their emails from their mobile devices (the openings of emails on mobile phones increased by 180% in the last three years). You must undoubtedly have your emails designed in mobile format too, otherwise you could lose much of the investment you make in email marketing. It is vital for a positive user experience that emails can be read from the preferred device, without difficulties.

The penetration of mobile devices has undoubtedly changed consumer habits of users . It is vital that advertisers know how to mold themselves to this reality, improving and adapting their marketing strategies to the mobile format. Investing in campaigns that are adapted to mobile devices will allow you to reach a greater number of people and encourage communicationbetween users and between users and the business, improving the reliability of this and increasing (for good) your reputation.

In conclusion, whether with mobile marketing campaigns in social networks, offering a responsive website or developing a mobile application, it is vital that you include mobile marketing among your business strategies. Have you already tried mobile marketing? How did it go? Tell us below.