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More Digital More Human Emotional Marketing and Neuromarketing

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More Digital More Human Emotional Marketing and Neuromarketing

More Digital More Human Emotional Marketing and Neuromarketing

Understanding why in a digital age we hear about emotions, feelings and values ​​more often can make the difference between success and failure in the market.

The digital age has brought great changes in the way we function as a society, it has allowed us greater connectivity, relationship, communication, participation and access to information; It has led us to break physical boundaries to achieve greater interaction. In addition, it has allowed through the data and its analysis to expand people’s knowledge.
Neuromarketing and Emotional Marketing
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This new world has also increased competition, between the easy access to offers worldwide and the greater facility to generate ventures, the complexity of the markets of goods and services is increasing; People find a large number of suppliers to decide how to meet our needs. For this reason, companies have searched for new ways to win people’s decisions through different tools, finding a direct connection between emotions, values ​​and feelings and buying.

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Experts have shown how purchasing processes occur mostly in the subconscious and emotional stimuli are those that prevail there, for example Gerald Zaltmanen, member of the executive committee of the Behavior, Mind and Brain Faculty of Harvard University. book How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market states that 95% of the purchasing decision process occurs in the subconscious, that is, the purchasing process is guided by emotionality rather than reason.

Harvard University after researching hundreds of brands in dozens of categories has proven how strategic it is to use emotions to influence purchasing decisions, identifying what they call the “emotional motivators”, which allow a greater connection between the person and the brand, which in turn impacts on the main indicators of the organization.

In order to identify those emotional motivators, we must maximize the knowledge we have of our clients, and for that we have many tools, some of observation and intuition that help us to improve such as empathy maps, the journey customer map, and other more specialized and useful scientists to anticipate us as the tools that neuroscience offers us such as eye tracking, facial coding, neuroimaging, biometric sensors and psychophysiological signals, which applied to marketing give us a deep picture of what is happening in the brain of our consumers when is being related to our brand, neuromarketing allows us to understand more precisely those motivators and then create a unique experience of our brand.
Designing experiences that allow activating the right emotional motivators at each point of contact between the brand and the client is the great challenge. The digital era not only allows us to increase the knowledge of our customers by having good analytical practices but also through networks, mobile connectivity, greater exposure to advertising, broadens our spectrum to have more points of contact and thus create unequaled experiences.
The digital age has reminded us that we are human and that what moves us is our essence: our feelings, values ​​and emotions.