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New Congress New Challenges

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New Congress New Challenges

A new political correlation of forces is presented in the Congress after the dissidence of Fuerza Popular, reconfiguring the table of commissions, presidencies Buy VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists and majorities. Of 73 congressmen initially, now they are only between 51 and 55 parliamentarians out of a total of 130; without considering that the resignation of Congresswoman Úrsula Letona is in process, and that they have illegally three accessaries, who replaced Kenji Fujimori, Bienvenido Ramírez and Guillermo Bocángel, suspended for more than 120 days, contravening the Constitutional Court , which resolved that the suspensions can not exceed that term.

The crisis that Fujimorismo is going through is the result of the authoritarianism and lack of loyalty with which its leaders develop, particularly Keiko Fujimori, who came to oppose the release of his father and expel his brother Kenji.

The new composition of the Congress, without any authoritarian majority, requires dialogue, debate, tolerance and proposal. In other words, it forces to develop POLITICS, which poses problems and proposes solutions to the serious problems facing the country.

It corresponds from and to prioritize the necessary and urgent bills, the reform of the political parties, the regulation of the parliamentary immunity and the indispensable revision of the so-called contracts-law.

It is time for Congress to take on the challenges posed by citizens, as well as face the need for real growth, that not only generates profits, but a development that includes the citizens of the country, respecting and expanding economic rights , social and political.