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New professional profiles in Digital Marketing

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New professional profiles in Digital Marketing

New professional profiles in Digital Marketing

In Soy de Marketing we wanted to bring together in a list those new digital marketing profiles that have emerged in recent years and that have changed the way to manage customer relationships, and most importantly, sales. The digital world has radically changed many business sectors and still has to reach many sales executive email list. Transport, banking, telecommunications, training, All this means a change of model.

UPGRADE! New professional profiles in Digital Marketing 2019

The changes may seem like problems but I prefer to see it as an opportunity, so it is necessary to transform and access these new professional profiles. Some are exciting.

Digital Marketing brings us new professional profiles
The development of digital marketing has brought a series of changes in the way to implement strategic marketing strategy in companies. At present, it is necessary to have several of the specialists that we are going to see later and that perhaps not always the best thing for the company is to contract the services to a third party.

For some experts like Vicuña (2015), these new digital marketing jobs will eventually converge on conventional figures (communication departments, information technologies (IT), etc.) that will have a more comprehensive scope. It is a way of saying that those responsible for the conventional figures currently engaged in marketing, now “take responsibility for both off and online marketing”.

Some of the new profiles that have to do with digital marketing can be useful for those who do not know which branch of marketing to specialize. From now on we will see the new branches of specialization within digital marketing.

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New professional profiles in Digital Marketing
Supervise the digital strategy of the company, as a general manager would do with the rest of offline activities. It must be a person capable of understanding the Internet and what it demands, with tasks that include digital research, planning strategies and creating content plans.

DIGITAL SALES SPECIALIST (Digital sales executive)
Responsible for sales on the internet. Let’s say that it is an online commercial director that is in charge of the promotional and sales activities of the organization on the Internet.

Responsible for online communication of the company, both external and internal. You can also take care of content management or the design of online platforms (websites, social profiles, etc.). It is valued that you have knowledge of neuromarketing and usability. Work that in the traditional company would be responsible for communication.

Supervises the digital marketing strategy. It is a responsibility known as the “Marketing Director”.

Responsible for content on the web, blogs and social networks. It could be integrated into the communication department. It is usual for the person in charge of the content to have other tasks related to social networks or the website.

DIGITAL ACCOUNT MANAGER (responsible for digital accounts)
Coordinates the team that manages the digital accounts or the client portfolio. He is in charge of the integration of the marketing plan. He is currently the commercial director who deals with the large offline accounts.

Its task is to manage online and offline customer relationship strategies based on the analysis of behavior patterns and using data from the CRM system. Work that previously, when the world was only offline, was carried out by the person in charge of communication.

Responsible for improving organic positioning in search engines. It is a profile very close to the person responsible for creating content. Some professionals add it to the communication department, but personally I think it is in the marketing part.

He is responsible for implementing and managing advertising campaigns in search engines. Must be in relation to the SEO Specialist as well as the one in charge of generating optimized content.

Capture of leads, that is, Internet users who fill out an information request or lead. Currently, a company that has not created a digital marketing department could add this figure within the communication department.

Manage the relationship between the company and the affiliation networks.

Responsible for increasing traffic based on the effective cost. Very close to the work of the Lead Marketing Specialist.
Responsible for managing and improving brand identity in social networks. It is a position that can encompass several of those we have seen previously. Along with that of Community Manager is the most known.

Creating a favorable opinion on social networks. Work that could be included within the communication department. Currently, it may be the only new marketing profile known to the CEO. Something that must change and improve with the passage of time.

Design, program and structure the website. Keep the web running and improve the usability of the site. He is a professional who must be in constant relation with the Content Manager and the SEO / SEM Specialist.

Technical responsible for the creation of websites. It is a figure very similar to the “webmaster”, but for some professionals, different. Personally, it seems the same to me.

Responsible for the web to provide a good user experience. Improve site usability, visual image, ease of conversion, etc.

In charge of designing the mobile applications of the company and the mobile adaptation of these or the web page.

Responsible for the design and creation of games.

Create marketing campaigns for smartphones and tablets. It is a task for those responsible for the department that is responsible for the management of new information and communication technologies (IT).

Online analyst, that is, in charge of managing the data generated online. Analyze the traffic of the web, the hot zones of this, etc. It is common to use tools such as Ahrefs, Google Analytics, etc.

Focused almost on improving the conversion rates and profitability of the business via online.

Define and manage the online store. He is a responsible person who has to agree with the Content Manager, SEO Specialist, etc. It seems to me an important profile and one that is untapped.

After seeing the new digital marketing profiles, we can summarize that many of the tasks they perform could include those responsible for communication, IT managers, commercial director, marketing director and general manager. Without a doubt, for other people or companies, these positions may have other names, and that is that everything in Marketing has a lack of consensus, because of the novelty of the issue in part.