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Not everything is United States

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Not everything is United States

Even if we try not to be malpensed and believe, in good faith, that the Peruvian left has no particular interests in the continuity of Nicolás Maduro’s email list for sale regime, his call for non-intervention in the affairs of Venezuela shows how, once again, the thinking polarized and binary is present.

Both New Peru and the Frente Amplio – the second, as always, more aggressive than the first – have decided not to join the recognition of Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela, which the majority of the international community has endorsed. In both cases, the reference is the same: the interference of the US government in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

Beyond if, from the International Law, a foreign intervention in Venezuela can be justified (the humanitarian crisis and the illegitimacy of the government are not difficult to prove), the fact is that the left seems more worried in facing the Yankee government rather than observe the urgent measures that a country on its deathbed needs.

International Law expert Alonso Gurmendi noted this in his Twitter account when he said that analyzing the United States’ non-recognition of Maduro in isolation did not constitute a reliable image of what was happening. In effect, the lack of legitimacy of the Venezuelan dictator has been recognized by more than 20 countries. We are talking, then, about a trend in the international community that has not been guided or initiated by the United States. Not to consider it is, without a doubt, dishonest.

The hunger and exodus of millions of Venezuelan brothers must matter more – much more – than the old custom of giving the enemy against the north.