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Online video Advertising Formats and possibilities

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Online video Advertising Formats and possibilities

Some time ago, video ads appeared in online advertising. The growth they have experienced during the last years has been exponential , due in large part to the improvement of the internet connection on the one hand and the increase in the average VP Engineering Email Lists data consumption per user on the other, which allows the loading speed to be minimize it and that the supply of potential customers shoots up. Video advertising is already a must in any digital advertising strategy. The user is so accustomed that he currently uses an average of 67 minutes a day consuming video on the internet. 

Video advertising on the Internet offers a greater number of possibilities compared to the more traditional advertising to which the average user may be accustomed, such as television. The possibility of interacting with the ad and directing traffic to a web page makes online video ads a more dynamic and eye-catching solution. Within the list of formats available the following are the most popular

In-stream videos: The star video format

The videos in-stream are those that play before, during or after another video no advertising content. The best-known example are ads within YouTube videos or ads that are played before a news item in digital newspapers. In-stream videos can be classified according to two types: On the one hand, linear In-stream videos; those that interrupt the reproduction of content occupying the totality of the space reserved for it. According to the moment in which the advertisement appears, there are videos pre-roll (before the content), mid-roll (in the middle of the content) or post-roll(after the content). The other type of instream video ads are the non-linear ones, those that do not interrupt the reproduction of the content if they do not appear next to or occupy a small part of it. This last video format is also known as “Overlay”.

In-stream videos are an effective method of capturing the user’s attention. That is why its use is so widespread among advertisers. Its offer is high, which means that its cost is higher than other types of publications. Even so, it is the format that best guarantees that the ad is viewed completely, which makes it an extraordinary medium if what is intended is to achieve brand awareness.

Native ads: Advertising video integrated in news

Native advertising is defined as ads with the same visual composition as a news item or video with non-advertising content . They usually appear as “News or related videos” and have a content of interest for the user related to the one they are consuming, although from a Marquetinian perspective. The most recognizable examples are those ads that appear as “Related Content” at the end or in the middle of a news story in a digital newspaper. There are also video ads that appear between two paragraphs that appear when you scroll, always allowing the possibility of closing it if the ad is not interesting.

Social video ads: The new large video container

Since the video ads broke into social networks its use has not stopped growing. They offer greater dynamism than image ads, which has an impact on higher interaction rates . Facebook / Instagram is the second most used platform to watch online video after Youtube (Source: IAB: Annual study online video 2018 ). The most popular social networks have made a special effort to integrate video ads into their advertising offer. In this way, it is possible to include video within your sponsored posts, as a creative piece to describe products within the well-known “Carousel” format or even as an in-stream video before viewing the video published by a profile. Maybe the social network that is focusing more on the use of video ads is Facebook, which even allows the use of an editing tool with a large number of creative possibilities allowing you to create video ads from a few pieces. An ideal option for all those advertisers who do not have quality creative pieces. In our blogpost ” 2018: The Year of Instagram”We already talked about the growth of this social network in recent months, where the growth of video ads has gone in parallel.

Video advertising in banners: Reach with video in hundreds of websites

In the same way that static images are used in ads with banners, it is also possible to use video. In this way , a large number of web pages is used , as many as are partners of the platform used. Although not all web pages that show ads allow the inclusion of video due to its technical characteristics: they are usually larger pieces that do not load properly on all devices.