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Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part I – In The Beginning

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Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part I – In The Beginning


Agate is a term correctly implemented to chalcedony, that is characterized via color dispensed in curved bands or layers. The term is likewise loosely used with a prefix to explain non-banded, patterned fabric; moss agate or mocha agate (milky-white chalcedony with green, black, or brown inclusions in dendrite patterns), panorama agate, lace agate, or fortification agate (directly fingers which intersect).

Man’s Earliest Possessions

Agate is believed to have been amongst guy’s earliest possessions. Stone Age earrings, along with spear and arrow hints, were determined in prehistorical grave sights. Egyptians had been mining agate as early as 3500 B.C., and early Sumerian inhabitants of Mesopotamia fashioned cylinder seals, signet jewelry, beads, and different decorative gadgets from this versatile stone achat de liste de contact. Artifacts from 3000-2300 B.C. Had been created with the aid of those earliest lapidaries. The Sumerians had been believed to be the primary to distinguish valuable gem stones from commonplace minerals and might were the first to present particular gem stones exquisite attributes. The agate was believed to give the wearer unique want with the gods. Although it’s far glaring that the stone turned into used abundantly, the supply of Mesopotamia’s agate has in no way been determined.

Western Literature

The first reference to agate in western literature is likewise the supply of Micro crystalline aggregates the name used now days. The Greek writer Theosophists referred to lovely stones which sold at a high fee. He similarly stated that this stone changed into to be found in the river Ac hates (or Agates) in Sicily. In seventy seven A.D. Pliny the Elder repeats this story regarding the supply of agate in his herbal records and is going on to element all knowledge of the stone to that date. Pliny states, “The ac hates became in older times extraordinarily valued but now it is cheap.” He incorporates on via cataloging the varieties prominent and offers the names of each.

It takes place in massive loads and in diverse shades, therefore its numerous names: iaspisachates [agate-jasper], cerachates [chalcedony], smaragdachates [green agate], haemachates [red agate or agate with red], leucachates [chalcedony], and dendrachates [moss agate]. As to the range known as autachates [possibly amber], as it’s far burned it offers off a odor like that of myrrh.


Pliny’s writings are the supply of a number of the attributes which might be given to agate. He recounts in his writings the ideals which existed in first century Rome; searching at an agate rests the eyes, and an agate held inside the mouth will quench the maximum determined thirst. Coralloachates were then described as “spotted all over, like sapphirus, with drops of gold, become commonly found in Crete wherein it become also referred to as ‘sacred agate’.” This precise coloration of agate become said to be able to curing the sting of deadly spiders and scorpions. Orpheus writes of every other kind: If thou wear a piece of the Tree-Agate upon thy hand, the immortal Gods will be well pleased with thee. If the identical be tied to the horns of thine oxen whilst ploughing, or approximately the ploughman’s sturdy arm, wheat-topped Ceres shall descend from heaven with full lap upon thy furrows.

achat de liste de contact

Magicians have been warned to keep away from agates which exhibited a sample like a hyena’s conceal, those stones were said to carry domestic turmoil. Stones which resembled a lion’s skin were said to be especially effective against poisons, and had been even more potent if worn on a twine made from the hair of a lion’s mane. The second century B.C. Creator Damigeron states, “The Agate stone has great powers, and if it has a shade like that of a lion’s skin it’s far powerful towards scorpion bites, for if it is tied on, or rubbed on with water it straight away takes away all the ache and it therapies the bite of a viper.” A crimson-yellow type, additionally known as “lion agate,” became said to be the favourite of Roman gladiators as a supply of braveness and power.

The association of agate with the lion is repeated in Hebrew culture. Ahair plucked from a lion’s mane became a source of courage for the Jews. The agate was considered a suitable alternative, and in time of need, probably less difficult to find. The stone and the lion were said to be intertwined in their strength. This is concept to be a source for the connection of agate with the zodiac signal Leo. The gem turned into stated to belong to the tribe Nephtali, a call which translates as “my wrestling.” The agate might supply the mite of a lion to the ones wrestling with both spiritual problems.

Roman subculture states that a wrestler who wears an agate is invincible, however most effective if the stone is of proper shade. Pliny’s writings offer a technique used to test a stone to be positive its shade is real. The tester is directed to area the stone in a pot of hot oil. After boiling for 2 hours, the colour of the stone will tint the oil if it’s miles authentic. Modern gemologists may also word that this take a look at for colour is the opposite of a primitive technique used to dye chalcedony.

Pliny wrote of the use of agate in the training of medicines. He particularly names two varieties as having healing powers. Powdered agate from India, described as a green stone, is to be administered as a treatment for eye illnesses. Agate from Egypt or Crete, purple in color, is satisfactory while a therapy for spider or scorpion bites is required. No prescription became supplied, but, as to the training or application of the stones. He does country that it is the cooling effect the gem has at the body that treatment options venomous bites. This ancient creator additionally confirms that mortars and pestles of agate have been used by Roman physicians to grind their medicines.

Another part of Pliny’s History describes the use of agate for different functions. This stone become used to make cups for serving and ingesting wine. These cups were said to chill the beverage. He tells of men who “search amid the regions of the clouds for vessels with which to chill our draughts and to excavate rocks, towering to the very heavens, just so we may additionally have the satisfaction of consuming from ice.” Pliny generally referrs to cups product of myrrha. The time period is used without further definition, but many authors have translated it as a reference to amber. Pliny’s description of autachates as an fragrant stone (like that of myrrh) adds to this hypothesis. The reality that Pliny states the stone turned into accrued from towering rocks makes any confusion with amber unlikely. The time period myrrha appears to function a ordinary time period for “tough stone” or any stone akin to quartz. He does relate a tale that appears to refer to a shape of agate is if it were amber. He wrote that Persians had been stated to use the smelly scent of burning agate to prevent storms and to subdue violent rivers.

A Homing Device

An additional attribute of agate is observed inside the work of a fourth century Greek writer, Physiologus. This early writer states that agate is beneficial in attempting to find pearls.7 The agate became reduced on a wire to near the bottom of the ocean. As it sank like an anchor, the agate stone might flip toward the area of a pearl. A diver who follows the cord might be rewarded with a pearl bearing oyster. This method won’t have proved very dependable, as that is the handiest known connection with this specific approach of pearl series.

Middle Eastern Lore

Stories regarding the virtues of agate have passed to us from numerous historical cultures. The Egyptians held that each coloration of agate, white, gray, stupid pink, blue, yellow, and brown, possesses distinct and separate virtues. Forming pictures of their gods in each of those shades. The pharoh’s physicians prescribed the milky gray type to prevent a stiff neck and to ease symptoms of colic. The stone turned into to be applied immediately to the sore to relieve suffering. Persians, Armenians, and Arabs did now not draw a clear difference among agate, carnelian and other chalcedony. All of these stones had been considered to be of not unusual starting place. These cultures did divide stones by way of the region they were found. The most esteemed of the agate family have been the ones known as yamani. The yamani were the maximum appealing of the stones brought from Yemen.

Travelers to the Near East again to Europe with tales of stones and their said virtues. The notion that purple agates prevent the flow of blood, and that a white carnelian, called “milk stone,” will increase the manufacturing of milk in lactating women are each given Islamic beginning. From Tavernier’s early cataloging we’ve the name agates arborisées. This changed into Tavernier’s translation of the Persian word for tree-stone, the stone we recognize as moss agate. The call is taken from the Arabian seaport wherein those stones are exported to the West and the Near East. The Islamic ideals have become blended with the traditions exceeded down from Greek and Roman writers.

Chinese Folklore

Travels in addition to the East brought expertise of additional beliefs. Chinese herbalists and Taoist medical doctors classify agate as a special form of stone known as ma-nao. Literally translated the phrase manner “horse’s mind,” due to the undulating patterns located on the floor of many rough specimens. When written in Chinese characters, the term ma-nao is preceded by means of the symbols for jewel or precious stone to dispose of confusion. The Chinese rank agate as neither common stone nor jade. It is ranked as not so good as jade but next to it in significance. To take a look at for proper agate is to rub it with a branch or twig, if it is heat, it’s far false. If it’s far cool, more than probable it is authentic.

The Middle Ages

Writers of the Middle Ages improved upon the ideals recorded via the ancients. The 11th century Lapidary of Marbod states, “The wearer of an agate will be made agreeable and persuasive to man, and feature the desire of God.” The fourteenth century Lapidaire of Chevalier Jean de Mandeville gives an in depth list of attributes for the gem. Many of those were glaringly drawn from in advance government, but Mandeville expands upon the stones virtues when he writes:

This stone destroys all venom and protects towards snake bites and different venomous animals, and whilst one places it in one’s mouth, it works towards thirst, it comforts the sight, and protects the body’s fitness: it makes one a stunning speaker and gracious with phrases, he who wears it’s far captivating to God and to humans, it gives one shade within the face and facilitates one accumulate intelligence and experience, it pulls one far from bad deeds and when an agate is put on a woman who’s in a difficult labor, it makes her deliver, be the toddler alive or lifeless, and if one rubs it against fireplace, the agate will provide off a superb odor; it’ll additionally provide victory. It is said to be due to this stone that Anchise, an emperor, has gained many victories and dodged many perils.

Agates are a stone found in lots of components of the earth. There are many kinds: a few are a black color with white veins, others deliver to thoughts the colour of coral, with crimson or golden veins, others are a crystal colour, with saffron or purple veins, others are a wax color with pink and white spots. Another type comes from India and is discovered in numerous shades and has pictures in specific bureaucracy, a few inside the form of a man’s head, others fashioned like timber, animals and birds.

Leonardo lists seven types of agate based on where they have been thought to originate- Sicilian, Cretian, Indian. Egyptian, Arabian, Cyprian, and Persian. His descriptions, and those of Mandeville, include different gemstones, such as a stone that might be amber. “The Persian being heated, smells like Myrrh, as a few say” Leonardo provides, “all of them agree on this, to make guys solicitous.” White agate symbolizes the old yr and black to symbolize the unknown of the New Year.

Some say Agate is used to therapy insomnia and insure the bearer satisfactory dreams. The Dream Book states that “To dream of agates will bring fine dreams to the ones born in June.” The textual content keeps with a warning to those now not born in this summer season month, “however misfortune will befall those who put on the agate, or dream of this stone,” Additional attributes exceeded from the ancients consist of treatments for lots ailments. Powdered in liquid, it could be ingested as a cure for insomnia or to give immunity from snake chew. This equal tonic might be applied to the pores and skin to add softness and adaptability. Agate became also prescribed as an eye fixed stone. As these days because the early Twentieth Century, druggists might “preserve tiny eye stones (of agate) to chase disturbing cinders from the eye.” A famous second century historian Damigeron suggests, “Ground and sprinkled on the wound and taken in drink, it healing procedures.” Other historians sat keeping the stone inside the mouth as a therapy for thirst,. One belief states that eagles deliver agates to their nests to defend their young from the bites of venomous creatures.

Modern Day

Modern practitioners of metaphysics listing numerous attributes for agate. Most of the traits address stronger verbal exchange abilities. Agate is said to boom the capability to make connections between the physical and spiritual worlds. The agate is used to stimulate analytical talents and precision concept. For these capabilities, it continues as a famous talisman for business men and women. It is also used to decorate meditative states and as a focus in contemplation. The stone is also said to bring appropriate luck, right fitness, wealth, and happiness.

Other qualities are related to the numerous forms of agate. Those most usually cited in contemporary literature and their associated traits are listed underneath.

Blue Agate- strengthens the desire and the potential to speak correctly.

Blue Lace Agate- opens and balances the throat; promotes fantastic expression, optimism, and fact; opens the senses on all degrees of cognizance.

Black Agate- used as a “grounding” stone.

Botswana Grey Agate- Aids a smoker’s healing, eases lung disorders, and promotes tissue regeneration.

Botswana Pink Agate- opens expression of feminine energy; promotes sensuality passion, and inventive capacity

Brazilian Agate- calms nervousness; promotes happiness and peace.

Dendritic Agate- aids reminiscence improvement, visualization talents, and the capability to take into account beyond lives.

Fire Agate- stimulates the entire bodily system, particularly the endocrine systems; aids tissue regeneration and mobile reminiscence; balances non secular insight; brings concord and aids within the development of compassionate detachments. It is also used to stability sexual and emotional troubles.

Mexican Lace Agate- conjures up happiness, the appreciation of splendor and aids in creativity.