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This morning the news that Pokémon Go is available in Spain has been released. Apart from the arrival in Spain , the game has also come out in the Stores of Portugal and Italy. Although a couple of days ago we discussed how to download the free application in our post How to Install Pokémon go on iPhone and Android , today we can find it in our country without danger as it happened previously in other nations that were overloaded by multiple requests.

Direct Mail Marketing For Personal Injury

Now install the application you will do in the blink of an eye. Enter your Play or Apple Store search for the name and once downloaded you will have to provide your name, date of birth, email and give permission to access the location and camera.

With just a few weeks of life has revolutionized the world so much that in the United States already has more users than Twitter and the expectations it has generated around the world has won a 90% on the stock market to Nintendo.

It is not necessary to show that this game is unique and that we have rarely been surprised by the power that this different way of playing from your mobile phone has represented. In Mediaclick we are waiting to see in greater depth how they evolve and to know in depth their strategies to enrich us as a company in a market that is constantly updated.

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