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Rich Snippets: What are they and why are they important for SEO?

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Rich Snippets: What are they and why are they important for SEO?

Being a guru’s apprentice in the universe of digital marketing and SEO can be an encouraging start, buy youtube views but it is not enough. Anyone who wants to delve into its secrets should know the importance of rich snippets . Taking advantage of its potential can be the difference between existing online and going unnoticed.

What are rich snippets ?

In particular, the rich snippets correspond to a description of structured data with brands that is added to the HTLM programming of a website . In practice, this translates into a format enriched with extra information that Google interprets to facilitate searches. These should not be confused with the featured snippet (position 0) or normal snippet .

This is a normal snippet:

As you can see, the second version comes with valuation and number of votes.

In fact, there are different types of snippets and each one shows different supplementary data:

  • Events . Here you add the number of reviews, name of the event, date and place. You can also include other related links.
  • Breadcrumbs (crumbs). In this case, the URL of the page is simplified in terms of the nominal architecture of the website.
  • Recipes . This content indicates the amount of calories, preparation time, assessment, number of reviews and a summary.
  • Products . This information includes availability, prices, number of reviews and ranking.

Other popular concepts framed within the purification of semantic content, also includes: apps, reviews, people, companies / organizations, videos and services. As long as you can define in more detail the contexts around these labels, you have a better chance of being considered relevant.

Importance of your application for SEO

Since the appearance of the rich snippets in 2009, Google has partnered with Microsoft, Yahoo! and Yandex to launch Schema.org . This data bank is responsible for interpreting all semantic content and structured data. From the implementation of the algorithm Hummingbird (2013), the rich formats have evolved progressively.

As search engines become more sophisticated, the visual presentation of information becomes more relevant. These additional data are friendlier, which favors the organic visibility and the increase of the CTR (click ratio). Consequently, this could translate into a greater number of conversions due to the valuations that give more authority.

How to apply them on your website?

Those who have an ecommerce, corporate website or blog with the WordPress platform, can take advantage of its functionality in this category. A simple example to create rich formats is the free plugin All in one Schema.org Rich Snippets . You just have to install it, activate it and fill in the boxes corresponding to the content you want to highlight.

In addition to the previous, you have the Rich Reviews free plugin, designed to add rich ratings anywhere on your website. It has a minimalist design, compatible with any subject and shortcuts. It can be used for products, services, testimonies, among others.

Understanding structured data

To avoid complications, it is necessary to understand that the marks correspond to an encoding in a specific format. The reason for this is that search engines do not understand the language that people use to communicate. For rich texts, you can use plugins to create a more computerized communication system.

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Through this code, Google better understands the relevant content we want to share. The usual methods for this structured data are the following:

  • RDFa
  • Microdata
  • Microformats

Of these 3, the microdata are those that have more support in schema.org for the implementation of rich snippets. Together with the AI, we remind you that there is still a lot of space for innovation and the creation of strategies based on these SEO elements.