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Saint-Just, the Archangel of Terror

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Saint-Just, the Archangel of Terror

Remarkable as interesting are the reflections of Jacques Vèrges in his work Justicia y literatura when he analyzes the figure of Saint-Just as a revolutionary prosecutor VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists. The request of Saint-Just in the trial of Louis XVI “surprised in his time and continues to surprise in ours.” The prosecutor of the Revolution had a terrifying aphorism: “Nothing is as much like virtue as a crime.” 

Therefore, he did not hesitate to ask for death for the King, convincing many with these words: “You have to kill him, there are no laws to judge him; he has destroyed them himself. You have to kill him as an enemy. ” The process, for the prosecutor, was malleable in terms of politics.

In fact, it is typical of the Jacobin moments to guillotine the supposed enemies of the revolution. Malraux said that Saint-Just was the announcer of “the communists and the fascists, of the single and all-powerful party.” Perhaps that is why the revolutionary prosecutor told his Jacobin followers: “It is in the nature of things that our economic affairs mix more and more until the Republic, once established, embraces all relations, all interests, all rights, all duties, and give a common imprint to all areas of the State. ” This totalitarian germ did not take long to expand with the red terror of the radicals.

“Saint-Just never gave in, never complained. He took his enigma to death. Implacable fiscal rupture, he won the immortality of those accused of rupture, he was the inspiration of the Bolsheviks and the consolation of pure and invalid young people “, concludes Vèrges. Let us not forget, however, that Termidor awaits every Jacobin.