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SEO are mothers: 8 SEO positioning lessons, by MJ Cachón

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SEO are mothers: 8 SEO positioning lessons, by MJ Cachón

SEO are mothers: 8 SEO positioning lessons, by MJ Cachón

SEO does not exist, SEO is the parents. Or rather, mothers. “In this way, MJ Cachón began his presentation on the best SEO positioning techniques at the IV Meeting of Agencies held on May 19, 2017 by Aula CM. How do you stay?

In this presentation, MJ told us literally, “everything that his mother taught him about SEO” and reviewed with those present a number of SEO aspects that can not be missed in almost any project.

Through a series of comparisons with typical mother phrases, it helps us to understand the importance of positioning key points such as tracking, indexing and performance.

Full video of MJ Cachón’s presentation

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  1. Search Engine Accessibility
    To begin, before launching with any SEO project, it is essential to take into account two points:

That the web is accessible to search engines, that it has a coherent structure and technology that Google can process engineer email list.
That can be found thanks to a good keywords strategy adapted to the product we offer.

  1. Adaptability to mobile technology
    Surely we’ve heard that “do not swallow the gum that sticks to your guts”, right? This can be extrapolated or to another of the important points to take into account: the mobile world and web performance.

Any project that we carry out, must be adapted to the device that our users use, present a friendly web and Google be able to understand the contents in these devices.

FACT: In 2015, mobile searches on Google surpassed desktop searches.

  1. The importance of SEO On Page
    MJ also invites us to return to the basics and highlights the importance of having a good foundation on an on page level. Our projects must have unpolluted foundations since these will guarantee us a minimum traffic collection.

All SEO ON page consists of elements that can be controlled by us.

If it is in our hands, how can we not have them well taken care of? How can we not guide our project or that of our client towards attracting relevant and qualified traffic?

At this point, the web structure takes on a vital role. Here, good linking of pages, labeling and titles and descriptions come into play.

  1. Know the rules of the game well
    If at some point in our lives we hear that of: “While you live under my roof you will follow my rules”, then we can understand that Google also puts its own and, if we want to “enter your home” we must respect them.

Google has a series of rules and parameters that, first of all, we must know. So, once you are aware of what Google’s guidelines are and how they work, choose whether to follow them, border them or act strategically to address them.

Some of the key criteria of Google are:

Avoid content duplication
Do not hide texts
The accessibility of websites
Trackable and understandable technologies
Framing of pages: labels metarobots, canonicals …
And, in SEO we will always face a lot of options for the same situation. The complexity lies in knowing how to choose which option best fits the situation in which the project in which we work is located. Therefore, the first thing is to know all these options well in order to make a decision according to the context in which we find ourselves.

But for an SEO professional, your experience, a super important component, will also come into play here. There are components such as intuition and logic that we will never find in the Google guidelines.

Experience, intuition and logic are components that we will never find in Google’s rules.

Customer orientation makes you prioritize one action or another. Customers, like anyone, want to keep a close eye on their pockets and need to know in detail what they will spend the money on. Therefore, in our SEO profile, we must also incorporate the commercial ability and tell the client what is going to generate the most return and if it is worth investing in one action or another.

  1. The police are not stupid, and Google either
    Another point that we must not forget is the penalties. As our parents punished us when we misbehaved, Google will also do so without qualms.

We must not fall into the multiple temptations with which we can come across. A priori, actions such as getting links can promise great results but, any doubtful practice that involves breaking Google’s rules can trigger fatal consequences.

MJ recommends avoiding everything that, in this sense, has to do with links or “doing something artificially”.The links are necessary since external references come in handy when it comes to getting more authority, but not at any price. In fact, a penalty like this could end your business and recover the lost traffic in SEO because of a penalty of this type is very difficult.

Therefore, if you are thinking about carrying out a strategy to get links, that this is always associated with your product, to promote your content or to add value to the community that revolves around your project. In short: bet on everything that is natural and do not expose yourself to what Google considers illegal.

  1. Analyze the competition
    Make an analysis of the competition and the sector is essential in all projects.

We will always have competition that does the same as us and this will serve as a reflection to see what strategies are carried out and what results obtained thanks to tools of analysis of competition and market, such as Sistrix or Semrush.

It is also very valuable to study what competitors do that, although they do not sell the same as us, occupy sites in Google results with keywords that interest me (media, blogs, etc …) Knowing what these competitors do allows me to detect actions that we can apply to our project.

If you detect something that works, take it to your field to get more results.

Sometimes we hear that “If your friends are thrown over a bridge, do you too?”, And in SEO terms something similar happens with respect to trends.

Instead of doing things because everyone is doing them, MJ urges us to do two actions that are essential at the SEO level: switch to HTTPS and ensure adaptability to mobile phones.

At the level of trends are two factors that, today, should not be missing in any project. However, the rest of the trends are not applicable to all projects.

For example, the famous AMP is a trend that is being applied to speed up loading in mobile sites but it is not possible to enable it for e-commerce or in smaller sites.


  1. Migration planning
    Sometimes we see ourselves in the situation of having to migrate a web, either by changing domain, brand, web structure, technology … In these cases, we must plan this migration well and plan very well what redirections must be done from the original site to the new site.

If we fall into an already made migration and lose traffic, we will suffer the consequences although, being fast, we will be able to solve it.

If there is a loss of traffic or if all the routes have not been redirected, we have a margin of time that will allow us to recover that traffic but, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

When migrating a website, be careful with the structures and linking blocks.
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  1. Responsibility, honesty and respect for work
    There are values ​​that must always be present in the day to day of the SEO professional. The client pays for a job and deserves to be offered work excellence within deadlines in return.

We must also bear in mind that it is not about earning more, but spending less and, therefore, it is also up to the SEO professional to balance the different implementations that we ask the developers so that they are not too expensive for the client.

Finally, as a final culmination, MJ closes his speech with the typical phrase that nobody likes to listen to but which, without a doubt, makes a lot of sense: “I told you so.” With it, he emphasizes that everything we do not measure can not be improved, so he urges us to measure every action we implement if we want to obtain good results.

8 26 And for you, what are the “must” of SEO?
Do you consider it essential to take into account some other SEO factor besides those mentioned? Tell us your experience! Surely your opinion can bring us new approaches.

In addition, you can not miss all the contents related to the last and the other editions of the Meeting of Agencies and, of course, we hope to see you in the next edition!