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Social Documentary Photography in the age of connectivity

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Social Documentary Photography in the age of connectivity

What challenges do social documentary photographers face in web 2.0 By oscar colorado nates click on the infographic to enlarge. Illustratedmagazinesipad320the era of connectivity 1 in photography, as in all areas, has brought about a profound paradigm shift in the counting of society. Two of the great engines of documentary photography in the 20th century were illustrated magazines such as the classic life or image agencies magnum, rapho.

Illustrated magazines are in crisis and the relevance of the agencies is very different from the scenario that their founders proposed. On the other hand, the very structure of the media industry has been irrevocably altered. You no longer need to convince the media giants to publish a job. “technology has given us a toolbox with which anyone can become a journalist at minimal cost and, in theory, with global reach.


The new challenges for the social documentalist

Never before was this even remotely possible… the philippines photo editor economics of news broadcasting created huge and arrogant institutions… that treated the news as a onesided discourse.” two thanks to the internet, media and communication structures are no longer vertical, but horizontal. Figures like tom brokaw or jacobo zabludovsky pontificating from the television altar are obsolete in the third millennium. Jacob in the age of connectivity, there is no need to ask jacobo zabludovsky for permission to access the mass media.

It is no longer necessary to ask the permission of the big television stations, radio stations or magazines to obtain a broadcast space. Anyone connected to the internet can publish a news item, an opinion or a photograph. In this sense, the photographer today has a vast repertoire of means to spread his message. However, the utopia of the pure democratization of internet content has been fading.

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A platform for social documentary photographers

First, because channels like flickr , youtube , facebook or twitter CEO Email List have become large corporations. Second, because these platforms have their own algorithms to provide relevance to certain users. Starsyoutube anyone can become a super youtube star… for better or for worse. “little by little, the stratified star system of old media has been. Supplemented by an equally stratified ecosystem in connective media , where some users are pushed to the top. Professional content. Authors on youtube or influential wikipedia users generate greater influence in their respective microsystems than hobbyists or occasional authors.

” 3 despite this, at the beginning of the 21st century, mass communication is no. Longer a oneway discourse today we are facing a global conversation of social photodocumentarists where each. One has a voice and a channel to present their point of view about the world. As dan gillmor points out in his book we the media , the boundaries. Between producers and consumers of messages are blurring 4 and today everything points towards a symbiotic relationship between senderreceiver, sellerbuyer.