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Social Media Breaks Down Social Media Stereotypes

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Social Media Breaks Down Social Media Stereotypes

I changed into analyzing an article in Clickz the opposite day titled the “Paradox of being Latino” by using Gustavo Razzetti, wherein he addresses the subject of being “tagged” a Latino.

I changed into born in Britain and raised in telemarketing venezuela. Since shifting to the USA of America and becoming a citizen in 1987, I even have constantly felt that I in no way in reality was a part of the “American” way of life because of these “tags.” Now, as a web marketer I fully recognize and respect the fee of having to “generalize” a collection of people to higher market your merchandise.

However as a bi-cultural citizen, many telemarketers and so forth promote me their products in Spanish and in English. I receive materials designed for an individual that is assumed to have a 6th grade education as well as substances for upper magnificence products and services.

I have additionally labored with several Hispanic ad organizations and moved in distinctive bi-cultural circles.

telemarketing venezuela

Here’s what I found:

• “Hispanic”, does not mean “uneducated” – Just like “Americans” there are Latinos from all walks of existence

• Today “Hispanics” are more often than not bi-lingual – Yes a new generation is right here!

• Most of them use a cell smartphone or a laptop… So please don’t tell me: “Our audience can’t flip a laptop on!”

• I don’t consider “Hispanic” is a race or may be sold to as an ethnicity. There are Spanish, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Costa Ricans, Cubans, Puerto Africans, Nicaraguans, Panamanians, Colombians, Chilians, Argentinians, Paraguayans, Uruguayans, Peruvians, Venezuelans, Dominicans, Bolivians, and so forth! So it’s far very hard to categorize these kind of exclusive nations into one organization. They are all distinctive cultures even when they arrive to America.

• That being stated we are all united by a commonplace language and through our own family values

Even the wonderful British pundit George Bernard Shaw, once so famously said, “We (the British and the Americans) are international locations divided by way of a common language.”

Thank goodness for Social Media

Social Media is an possibility for non-public advertising and the elimination of stereotypes. I am searching forward to no longer being pigeonholed for lengthy. Today you could deal with an target audience with an bi-cultural background and you could additionally admire his or her individuality. Social Media stages the gambling field due to the fact it is approximately constructing relationships. You can respond one-on-one and customize your contact.