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Sometimes, We Are Not Freely Comparing Numbers With Each Other.

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Sometimes, We Are Not Freely Comparing Numbers With Each Other.

We may want to know their relative importance as part of a whole.

This type of data visualization is all about that. We can easily understand the weight of different elements within a company, a project or a strategy and make decisions based on it.

Pizza graphics are the stars of this category. But it does have some variations, like stacked bars and treemaps.

That’s the best way to analyze budget , for example, and it’s also a very effective method for surveying the age, class, and other aspects of your target audience.

Correlation is similar to comparison,

But with one crucial difference: this type of data visualization takes into account changes over time.

As its name suggests, it shows how two or more indicators evolve together. It allows people to understand if and how one influences the other.

These charts are also great for analyzing kpis in a company. The Chief and VP of Training Email Lists scatter plot is undoubtedly the most widely used for this purpose.

Distribution charts are more about incidence and volume than direct performance. They show how often a set of values occurs in a period. It’s a bit like part of the whole, but it’s mostly used for stats.

Typically, you’ll see this type of data displayed as a histogram or density graph.

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists

Flow charts are more about movement than volume. They show the evolution of an indicator and also how this evolution connects with other points and periods.

That is usually seen in financial reports, when the budget is not only measured and segmented, but also accounted for in fund transfers and resource allocation.

Sankey type charts are perfect for this. The graphs of networks and chords also work very well. The key to this type of data visualization is connection.