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Start the 3rd Edition of the Master in Digital Marketing

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Start the 3rd Edition of the Master in Digital Marketing

Last Tuesday, January 8, the third edition of the Master in Digital Marketing of the University of Salamanca began with IME Business School and Súmate . In this new edition, eighteen students will face and specialize in the digital world , a sector that increasingly presents opportunities for professional development and growth VP Media Email Lists. This Master is going to be developed in the Science Park of the University of Salamanca, Villamayor, in the M3 building, where the headquarters of our digital agency, Súmate – Online Marketing are located.

For the first day a welcome day was organized , with the aim that the students, seeing themselves in a relaxed environment, would get to know each other and be motivated to start this year with energy . This reception was directed by the coordinators of the training, Pablo Rodríguez and Teresa Oter , in which they were detailed the objectives, the forms of internal communication and the structure of the course, as well as a space dedicated to the resolution of all the doubts that could arise.

Also present were the Director of the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, Óscar González Benito, and the CEO of Súmate, Roald Schoenmakers , who presented the agency and highlighted some tips to achieve success in their professional careers in this sector, focused especially on employability, as it is “one of the 10 most demanded professional profiles currently in Spain” , and the achievement of objectives within a company or digital agency. ” Be proactive, read blogs, research about the topics you like and get excited about this profession, ” he said.

Also, there was an opening speech whose speakers were Sara Fregeneda , Director of Marketing and Events at Quesería la Antigua, and Fernando Fregeneda , Commercial Director and Managing Partner at Quesería la Antigua, who, together with her colleagues, Jennifer and Leyre, from the Communication Department, presented their company together with real situations that could be faced by the new digital marketing specialists that start the course, to give them a reality focus on what they are going to study the next months. They gave us a different vision of what we normally have of their company, showing us all the successes and mistakes that have led them to be the great brand that they are today, highlighting their learning strategy based on trial and error.

Finally, the afternoon ended with a snack to start creating bonds between colleagues and get energy for the challenges that come. In the coming months, they will be trained in a wide range of subjects in the field of digital marketing and will develop transversal skills in a practical way  that will help them to successfully join and locate themselves in digital marketing agencies or companies.

If you want to know more about our Master in Digital Marketing with the University of Salamanca, do not hesitate to inform yourself and get in touch with us. Next, we leave you the ebook that we have designed for you, with all the information you may need.