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Storytelling Guide for Personal and Corporate Marketing Service News

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Storytelling Guide for Personal and Corporate Marketing Service News

Storytelling Guide for Personal and Corporate Marketing Service News

Laura Ferrera is an Online Marketing consultant and today she explains 25 tools to make Storytelling. With it you can foster the emotional bond with users and the target audience of any brand. Great tricks to tell your story in your personal or corporate marketing.


Laura Ferrera Storytelling Storytelling is a Clearwater SEO Service Plan narrative technique that can help you a lot in your Marketing strategy. Here I tell you what it is for, what ingredients it should have and I tell you 25 tools with which to practice and experiment.


Why use Storytelling?
Objectives StorytellingTo connect emotionally with our target audience.
To tell our brand story in a convincing and effective way.
To entertain and awaken interest in our audience.
To activate the imagination of our community and awaken its most emotional side.
To generate brand recall, tell our story and share it.
Your story has to create interest and convince you that you can solve the problem that your target audience has.

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What elements can not be missing in your Storytelling speech?
Basic elements StorytellingThe surprise factor. That wow effect that surprised whoever reads, sees or listens to you. Simply by creating an unexpected ending you can get it.
The human side Storytelling humanizes the brands, so you can go directly to the heart of your audience.
The experiences. Create them, leave the data aside and count experiences. You will see how you take your audience to your land.
The memory. Make sure that what you tell is impregnated in the memory of your audience, be memorable. In this way, you will share your story with other people and in the place you least imagine.
Key elements of Storytelling: human side, surprise, experiences and memory. Discover more!
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25 Storytelling tools for your Marketing strategy
These 25 tools and platforms can be applied both in Personal Marketing and in Corporate Marketing. In both cases, they can help you transmit your Storytelling and awaken the interest of the people you want to conquer.


Storytelling web1. Use Storytelling on your Web
Your website is your digital home, it is the perfect place to talk about your brand and leave a mark.

In the section “About” or “Who we are”, for example, you can tell how your beginnings were, narrating all the facts of your story from the beginning to the present day. Do not forget to mention your achievements, what challenges you have overcome, and even the difficult moments. All this will make your Storytelling more interesting.

In the “Services” section you can tell how you serve your customers, how you can help them and what the “why” of your Brand is.

If you sell “Products”, narrate as a story the benefits that each one has and surprise your visitor with unexpected property that they may have. Remember that the main function of Storytelling is that history moves emotions.


Storytelling blog2. Tell stories in your Blog
Storytelling teaches the most human side of brands. Therefore, in each article you can include some personal anecdote that you have had with you, with your family, with your team or with a client.

You have to get whoever reads your articles to be recognized in the story you tell, in order to be emotionally linked with you, with your service or product. Do not forget that this story should lead the reader to perform a certain action. Empathy is fundamental in Storytelling.


Storytelling social networks3. Vincúlate con Storytelling in the Social Networks
Keep in mind that with each image, phrase or content that you share on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network where you interact, you are leaving your stamp stamped though you do not want to.

But without an effectively designed strategy and if you are not clear about your goal, however much you share, it is very difficult for your brand image to become solid and visible. That’s why I recommend you use the Storytelling technique in your Social Media strategy. Create updates that awaken interest with your story, that generate engagement in your audience.


Storytelling presentations4. History strip in your presentations
Leave a mark when you make a presentation of your company. Using Storytelling you can not only reach the people who listen to you, but you can inspire, excite or get a smile. Make that when leaving the meeting you remain in the mind of your audience thanks to the story you have shared with her.