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Success Story: The NETFLIX era in the Digital World

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Success Story: The NETFLIX era in the Digital World

Success Story: The NETFLIX era in the Digital World

Netflix: 93.8 million subscribers worldwide in 2016, 19 million were added in the last year and 7 million in the last quarter. Investment in original content in 2016 US $ 5,000 million and in 2017 it will be US $ 6,000 million.UK Consumer Email Database

Reed Hastings founded Netflix with the vision of offering a home movie service that better satisfies customers than the traditional retail rental model. But as it was the challenge, it underwent several major strategy changes, ultimately developing a business model and operational strategy that were highly detrimental to retail video rental chains.

The combination of a large national inventory, a recommendation system that brought the audience through the broad catalog and a large customer base made Netflix a force to be reckoned with, especially as a distribution channel for low profile films. independent Blockbuster, the nation’s largest retail video rental company, was initially slow to respond, but finally launched a hybrid retail / online response in the form of Blockbuster Online. The aggressive prices attracted subscribers, but at a price for both him and Netflix. But a new challenge was on the horizon: video on demand. How should Netflix respond?


With almost 94 million subscribers, 7 of which added in the last quarter of the year, the streaming platform exceeded all forecasts and beat record revenue. Their actions exploded in a few hours.

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