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The 50 best websites to publish ads for free

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The 50 best websites to publish ads for free

The 50 best websites to publish ads for free

We know that companies use Google Adwords, Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads to publish their ads, but you also have other web pages that allow you to publish free ads.

We have also prepared several tips to make the most of these tools.

There are many websites that offer this service, most belong to what is called “classified ads”.In them you have sections to publish job search ads, products, professional services, courses, companies, etc.

We have divided them into 7 categories to french polynesia email list differentiate them in a clearer and simpler way.

We give you 4 last tips to make your free ad the best:
A) Use keywords in the title and description of the advertisement
It is very important that you use keywords when writing the title and body of the ad. First, users will clearly identify what you offer and, secondly, it will be easier for the ad to appear when someone does a specific search.
How can you locate the keywords with which users search to buy and sell on “internet”?
You have several options:French Polynesia Email List
The Google search engine
When you perform a Google search, for example “home renovation”, the search engine shows different websites where you can hire that service. But also, at the foot of the page, there are visible “related searches” that can guide you when detecting other keywords to include in the ad text.
These correspond to words that users also use in the search engine and that have some kind of relationship with the ones you have selected.
Google Trends
With this tool you can compare by geographic areas and in certain periods of time, the number of searches that are made on certain keywords.
For example, imagine that you sell “chaise longue” and check with Google Trends that those keywords have hardly any searches but, on the contrary, the term “sofa” has enough more. The keyword “sofa chaise longue” should be included in the title and description of the advertisement.
Google Adwords
In this case you will use the potential offered by the “keyword planner” tool, you can find it within Google Adwords “tools”. We will obtain the “average of monthly searches” that are carried out on a certain keyword, in addition to also find out this same data about other related keywords. With the complete Google Adwords Keyword Finder Guide you will have all the necessary information to be able to obtain quality keywords.
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B) Improve the free ad with quality images
At the time of preparing this article we have detected many ads that either did not have images or these were of very low quality, and made the ad not attractive to users.
If you take care of this aspect in order to show several quality images, you will be highlighting the ad with complete certainty about the rest of the advertisers.
We advise you to use several images where the product is shown in different perspectives.
C) Take advantage of the video format in the free ads
As you can see, some free ad pages allow you to include a link to a platform, usually YOUTUBE, where you have a hosted video.
Our advice is that whenever you can, use this tool because you will get the interested person, in a very clear way, the status of the product, the service you offer and its characteristics.
Nor do you need great resources to make a good video, with a mobile phone and a Windows Movie Maker editing program, in a few minutes you can have a great video that will make your ad different.
D) Include “hook” words in your free ad
Within the text that will describe your ad you should use some “hook words ” that convince the interested party to make the purchase or hire the service you offer.
We recommend using some terms such as: economic, free shipping, gift, as new, professionalism, seriousness, etc.
Do you know other free ad websites?
We hope to have contributed ideas when choosing the page where you can post your ad for free  and the best way to prepare it. We would love for you to help us complete this article with other pages that you know and that we have not selected. Do you dare?