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The best 20 Books of SEO, WordPress and Social Networks

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The best 20 Books of SEO, WordPress and Social Networks

In 2014 we discovered interesting books and we want to recommend you the best ones about SEO , WordPress, Facebook and Twitter so you can start the new year with motivation and good intentions. They are a great support and a resource that will come great for pointing tricks and always have at hand a useful guide to help you with the online marketing of your blog and your social networks. In this post we show you our favorites! We hope you like them and that you encourage them to share what you think of them.
elevenThe teachers of Aula CM have made a selection of the 20 best marketing books published in 2014 of the many that we have had the good fortune to read this year. In this post you will find titles of online marketing, SEO, WordPress, blogs, e-commerce and the most striking and interesting personal and social media brand. In 2013 we made a similar compilation that we also recommend.
In addition, we leave you iceland email list with the online marketing manual with 9 guides  that can be read and are free.
If you want to go deeper into this topic and become an expert in the field, we recommend that you take a look at our on-site SEO course also available online .
If you think we start with the ranking we have prepared. We hope you like. Go for it.
1. Human MediaIceland Email List
Publisher: Alcalá Editorial Group. Author: Isra García
cover-book-human-mediaThe first book that we highlight in a special way is this publication by Isra García . It is one of the most motivating and active online marketing references, with a great capacity to infect its vitality. He publishes daily on his blog and is the creator of a concept that we love: Human Media. That’s precisely what he talks about in his book. It will make you see the functioning of the digital economy and how the Internet has changed our human perspective, accelerating and offering new communicative and emotional methods. Thanks to our project  Marketin.tv we have been lucky enough to meet him in person and interview him. It was a pleasure to hear his point of view on blogs and the importance of social media to undertake. We learned a lot from him. This book will not leave you indifferent, you’ll see. You will find the keys to surpass yourself and find your true goals. Of all those we are going to recommend, this is our favorite.
2. Growth Hacker Marketing
Publisher: Social Business. Author: Ryan Holiday
Growth hacker marketingNew business styles and entrepreneurial growth in the midst of a crisis economy has given rise to a different style in terms of attracting customers, selling and earning a living doing marketing. This set of ideas and creative actions of low budget and with scarce resources is what is currently called Growth Hacking. It consists of achieving more with less and achieving with analytical, social and strategic attitude that the users themselves generate traffic and profitable activity that starts to give positive results for the business. It is a 100% recommended book for people with experience and a certain level in online marketing who want to take concrete actions to attract new customers, get contacts and climb a level in the way to obtain real profitability.
3. The great book of the Community Manager
Editorial: Ediciones Gestión 2000. Author: Manuel Moreno Molina
the great book of the community managerThis book contains all the information and material needed for beginning community managers and all those people who are starting in Online Marketing. When the students of our school ask us for concepts to review, we recommend this publication. It is fun and quite complete to include a description and tips to get by on social networks. In addition, it has organized by categories a large number of tools to optimize time and have the maximum control over your publications and the reputation of the brand for which you are developing content.
4. Positioning and Google Analytics
Publisher: ENI. Author: Marie Prat and Ronan Chardonneau
seo and analyticsThis pack of SEO and Analytics can come in handy if you are interested in positioning and statistics. Keep in mind that there are two totally related areas that you will have to work to make your website work as it should. Something that we like about the book is that it is useful both to people who start and to others who have already been able to delve into the subject. It explains very well the relevance of the search engine and the SEO stages so it is really useful and practical. With Analytics you can get statistical and efficient information from your website. If you see that two books is too much, you can also opt for their individual version.
5. How to be first in Google without paying
Publisher: UOC. Authors: Montserrat Peñarroya and Helena Casas
seo positioningHere is a guide to learn how Internet positioning works. The main content of the book is dedicated to understanding how Google orders the search results, and what we have to do if we want to interpret our contents well and position ourselves among the top positions. I find it useful because it includes a detailed summary of SEO tools that can help you get your blog and your content out of the first. Its authors have written a pleasant reading publication, told with a didactic methodology and designed for people with different levels in the field.
6. The keys to master SEO
Editorial: (independent). Author: José Noguera
seo1It is another of the interesting SEO books of 2014. This publication manages to simplify and make easy the difficult for you to start working from scratch without making mistakes and without feeling lost with the positioning. Some of the content you will find are: how Google works, keyword study, SEO on page, link building, Google services and penalties and web analytics.
7. Journalism on the Internet
Publisher: Robinbook. Author: Gabriel Jaraba
Journalism on the internetSomehow, all of us who dedicate ourselves to Online Communication have become journalists. If you practice Content Marketing or you are a professional journalist you can take advantage of this book that talks about the relationship between both fields, so linked today. It is designed to expand knowledge and explains very well how you can transform your news, articles and content to the web in order to provide value and share with other users what you are able to create for yourself. It is also interesting for those who want to strengthen change and learn to adapt to new information technologies.
WordPress books, blogs and online stores
8. WordPress 4.0 the spider web. Yoani Sánchez and Fernando Tellado
Publisher: Anaya. Authors: Yoani Sánchez and Fernando Tellado
wordpressWordPress is the most used platform for the creation of web pages and blogs. 60 million people choose it to express their ideas and is also the preferred content manager of most companies and businesses. This book is one of the most advanced to know in detail how this tool works online and how we can get the most out of it. It is the publication that we recommend to our students of the WordPress course because it is completely updated and explains its latest functions very well.
Yoani Sánchez and Fernando Tellado , who is a great WordPress expert and has a great blog , give a special touch to the content with his charisma and passion to share with everyone the value of freedom of expression and the support of the new democracy digital through the concept 2.0.
9. Create your website or blog from scratch
Editorial: (independent). Author: Nico Ciana
wordpress33This book and also ebook is a practical and useful guide that can help you to know the basic and main functions of WordPress so that you can create your web page in 11 simple steps. Explains the most important plugins quite well and how you have to configure each section. It is a good resource if you want a summary wordpress guide and go straight to the point to know the most important.
10. Bloggers and Blogger tricks
Publisher: Altaria. Author: Javier Muñiz Toyano
blogsIn Aula CM we always say that your blog will be your best resume . Think that it is the best tool to demonstrate what you are worth and how you develop in the online medium😉
The book is entertaining and will give you a global perspective of how blogs have revolutionized communication in the last ten years. The perfect excuse to join the blogger world and have your own blog. It also has more than 300 tricks about blogs that you can put into practice to manage your blog in a professional manner.
11. Digital marketing and electronic commerce
Editorial: Pyramid. Author: Inma Rodriguez Ardura
digital marketing and electronic commerceIn this book I have captured another perspective. It is designed to reach people who want to study marketing with a reflective eye and investigate new methods. Teach techniques to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to businesses and how you can achieve your goals while building content that adds value to your customers. You will also find a section dedicated to electronic commerce, the distribution of products and how advertising and sales work in social media, something really valuable and that all companies should consider at some point.
12. Online Sale
Publisher: Paraninfo. Author: Soledad Carrasco Fernandez
Online storeIn this book you will find information and a detailed description of the types of online systems that allow you to set up and have an online store on your website. I recommend it, above all, for people focused on ecommerce and for professionals who are new and have to get to know this whole world of Internet sales. It also includes a review and puts the reader in the current context of the market taking into account the characteristics of the browsers, the behavior of users and the new methods of communication to achieve success with a virtual store.
Personal Branding Books and branding
13. Urbrands
Publisher: Espasa Libros. Author: Risto Mejide
urbrands risto mejideIt is one of the most recent publications and a best seller this Christmas. Risto Mejide returns to the fray with its particular way of transmitting and making us understand the marketing, advertising and integral management of a brand. In the book you will find relevant success stories that will make you reflect on the most ingenious techniques to build your personal or business brand. If you are looking for a casual, motivating reading and you like the ironic touch of the author, it is your book!
 14. Personal brand for dummies
Publisher: Ceac. Author: Andrés Pérez Ortega
personal brand dummiesUnderstanding the importance and knowing how to improve your personal brand is essential to let you know in the middle and increase the possibility of improving your career. On one occasion we were lucky to share with  Andrés Pérez Ortega  and our Community Manager students a small talk full of personal brand tips and anecdotes. The students left class delighted by the closeness and humility of Andres. There is no doubt that in this book you have a fantastic resource that will help you manage your personal reputation and create a positioning plan with your blog.
 15. Brand Off / On: the branding of the future
Publisher: Ediciones Gestión 2000. Author: Andy Stalman
brandoffonAdvertising has no choice but to evolve and change the rules of the game. To continue on the crest of the wave, brands must adapt and exploit their creativity in the real world and also in the online medium. The book wants to go further and motivate to contribute through advertising to improve the world and to take actions that make you connect with your audience. The reading is enjoyable and fun and is a good book for addicts to branding. “In the middle of Digital Era , as Stalman likes to call it, Branding and Marketing are the perfect dance pair”
Books of Facebook, Twitter and social media
16. Facemoney
Editorial: Ediones Escolares. Author: Juan Antonio Cañongo
FacemoneyThis issue focuses on the social network Facebook and tells you what actions you can take to attract users who become fans and finally customers. Describe the most effective type of publications and the communication strategy to attract similar users. It is an interesting book for those interested in this network and for those who want to know Facebook from the professional point of view as a marketing and sales channel.
17.Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook
Publisher: Alma Europa. Authors: Tim Schluter, Michael Munz
book linkedin twitter and facebookThis book can serve as a quick guide to know the main functions and customize your presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. They are the networks with the highest number of users and notoriety in Spain, so it will be very useful to know details and improve your profiles. It is a quick reference book to have on hand and great for beginners and people who begin to be interested in social media.
18. 15 Cases of proven success
Publisher: Aguilar. Author: Giuseppe Tringali
success storiesWhat will you find in this book? Motivation, examples, success practices, methods to innovate and a global vision to try new goals. Its author, Giuseppe Tringali, is president of Publiespaña and CEO of Mediaset. His career and direct contact with top executives and known publicists brands such as Coca-Cola, Telepizza or Jazztel, has helped him to share with everyone what kind of actions and what mentality is useful to see in the crisis an opportunity that allows you to achieve objectives and strengthen your business
19. The true story of Twitter
Publisher: Ediciones Gestión 2000. Author:  Nick Bilton
the true twitter storyWhat is behind the origin of a social network that has become one of the most profitable and ambitious companies of the moment? Money, influences, conspiracy, power struggles and some other disputes are inevitable when there is so much at stake. If you are curious to know data and news that took place at the beginning of Twitter, the book will be interesting. It is told by The New York Times journalist Nick Bilton . His intention is to discover the characteristics of a generation of engineers and computer scientists turned into world-famous references thanks to a tool that has changed the rules of the current communication.
20. @ Police: the success stories
Publisher: Aguilar. Author: Carlos Fernández Guerra
140 characters give a lot if you know how to transmit police.  the stories of a successCloseness, humor and a critical vision of society and the reality that surrounds you. This is what @Policia has done, the profile of the National Police on Twitter and they have not done anything wrong. They have become a milestone nationally and internationally for their colloquial language, aimed at impacting and sympathizing with citizens.
If you like Twitter, you can not miss the anecdotes that for months the most accessible and twittere police team in Spain has been compiling.
Policía Nacional
 ¡Qué bonitos los camellos de la Cabalgata! Tú puedes encerrar a sus feos imitadores que trafican con droga:envía mail a antidroga@policia.es
4:02 – 6 ene. 2015
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Special recommendation
Cover-Final1-233x300The Community Manager’s advanced guide is the second Marketing and Social Media book published by the well-known blogger  Juan Carlos Mejía Llano.  It is having very good reviews so I recommend it as a reading.
It’s a good read if you’re looking to dig deeper into the latest social media marketing techniques. It also deals with SEO, search engine advertising (SEM), email marketing, usability and e-commerce. It also includes real success stories, a final summary for each chapter with exercises to engage and practice with the reader and access to a private area with PowerPoint presentations on each chapter. As you see, a very complete proposal.