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The best Web Hostings: the best, the cheapest and the free

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The best Web Hostings: the best, the cheapest and the free

The best Web Hostings: the best, the cheapest and the free

It is possible that you have decided to take the next step with your website or business blog, go up one level and take advantage of the benefits offered by a CMS such as WordPress.org , so you will need a hosting / hosting tailored to ecuador email list the needs of your professional Proyect. We can help you

If you have started searching the net you will have verified that the offer of hostings is overwhelming and the difference in prices between one and the other is surprising. This price difference covers many aspects: from the storage capacity (something that you must take into account if your website has more than 50,000 visits per month and you upload many images), even the technical support that they offer (when it is a store online the speed to solve an incident is fundamental), are some of the factors that we must consider before hiring a web hosting plan.

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Comparison of 20 hosting to host your website

I have collected information from various hosting with different pricing plans, offers, promotions and features so you can, at a glance, get an idea of ​​what they offer.

The variety of each other, in some cases, is impressive, so I will focus on plans that offer at least: 1 GB of disk storage and that have several databases.

Although also, before deciding on a specific hosting, I recommend that you investigate in their respective web and search unless they meet these other requirements:

  • Ease and speed to update content.
  • Different hosting plans to be able to migrate if necessary. There are usually differences in: storage , data transfer and number of available domains .
  • Unlimited email (number of email accounts with your domain, eg name@aulacm.com).
  • Spam filters (essential).
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface ( cpanel ).
  • Quality technical support , if possible 24 h / 7 days week / 365 days a year.
  • Have forums, Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ), video tutorials, etc. Many of our doubts can be resolved by doing a search on the web hosting.
  • Backup automatic and programmable.