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The Comic Store Winner Best E-commerce in LatamDigital Awards 2018

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The Comic Store Winner Best E-commerce in LatamDigital Awards 2018

The Comic Store Winner Best E-commerce in LatamDigital Awards 2018

We know that Colombian ventures have been highlighted on many occasions generating impact at the digital level and in the economy.
Companies such as rappi, Tappsi, Fluvip,
Spain Email Lists urban messengers among others have achieved their own space and be a reference in their business model.

Today for us it is an honor to mention THE STORE OF COMICS , a digital enterprise that started 4 years ago with Daniel Palacio and Alejandro Buendía. They managed to set up the first e-commerce of comics and collectibles in Colombia.
Today, 4 years later, with many learnings and mistakes made during the march, but with a spirit of improvement, they have been awarded with the BEST E-COMMERCE award in Latin America at the 2018 Latam Digital Awards.

The Digital Latam Awards, are common to say the “Grammy” Digital, with great sponsors, juries with wide transcendence in the middle and a level of competition of the highest.

For Daniel and Alejandro this important recognition comes at a just moment, since they are in full expansion and will open operations in Ecuador, Mexico and possibly Argentina in 2019. 
They are currently working on this expansionist project investigating the possibilities of these markets and developing the necessary networking to adapt and solve the logistics process that a distribution in Latin America requires.
The sponsors of the event, which are recognized brands in the digital scenario, support these awards, the nominees and winners, as well as the selection process carried out over a year of work, research, interviews and rigorous evaluation of the projects.