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The Defeats are Always Orphans

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The Defeats are Always Orphans

The Defeats are Always Orphans

The Yanango tunnel, a colossal work that unites the provinces of Chanchamayo and Tarma, in the VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists department of Junín, was a source of pride for the entire regional and national political class. Finally, the problem of the roads interrupted by the fall of huaicos was solved. 

More than a kilometer of the route between the mountains and the central forest was safe from the consequences of landslides and landslides resulting from heavy rains. They drew chest from the apristas who formulated the project in 2008, to the ppkausas that inaugurated the work 15 months ago, passing by humalistas and governors and officials of the previous management of the regional government of Junín. All believed themselves architects of the monumental tunnel, which cost about one hundred million suns.

The time passed and since the last January 22, the huaicos increased in the Yanango area. Immense rocks fell on a part of the roof of the tunnel and weakened its structure. This has meant that it is closed for 40 days and alternate routes are restricted. The funny thing is that if before many people attributed this achievement, today nobody claims this disaster for themselves. As some say, defeats are always orphans.

Of course, the questions appeared immediately. “Construction is bad”, “In Peru you pay for deficient works and that is also corruption,” they said. The truth is that this incident must be investigated, which leads to isolated towns and the consequent economic losses. While it is true that it is a wild geography that in the rainy season becomes a real hell, those who built the tunnel had to face this challenge to engineering successfully.