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The era of Neuro marketing

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The era of Neuro marketing

The era of Neuro marketing

Marketeros, we have heard that the traditional techniques of persuasion and recruitment have become obsolete and even repetitive for our campaigns. But all is not lost because the era of Neuromarketing in Digital Marketing has arrived. I have
Bahamas Email Lists prepared this second installment of What is Neuromarketing? with this video

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing research that is informed by the findings or knowledge of brain science.

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The key discoveries in this field when applied to the digital consumer experience allow you to connect with customers in a completely new way through the physical contact points, usually the stores, combined with applications for smartphones and customer-oriented tablets.

Customers are constantly surrounded by brands and ad messages and advertisers, and what has been understood is that, apart from noise and disbelief, the rational mind is the driver of the purchase in most cases.

In the case of most purchases, especially impulse purchases, the purchase decision process is driven by thoughts, feelings and subconscious passions that drive impulse buying decisions, which justify “a posteriori”: rationally after having been emotionally …

Mobile applications, capable of understanding the mood of the user from the detection of facial expressions, to the actual supervision of how the smartphone is used and maintained, can help marketers to interact with customers more effectively. in a marketing world too noisy. a communication that is only visual.

For this purpose, the majority of mobile app sellers:

You must combine technology and advances in human behavior research to understand what drives customers and implement them to drive sales within the website or application.
Exploit information such as, for example, online behavioral data of the application, to boost the client’s preference. This may include data from similar customers who have made similar purchases, thus increasing the chances of cross-selling.
Rely on a more holistic marketing proposal, based on the data collected within the application and throughout the client’s journey. Second, data such as color and shadow preferences, especially in terms of clothing purchases, will be able to offer better results.
Thanks to the amount of data that may be available and the ability to collect data possible through different tools, such as visibility heat maps, cerebral emotion when seeing certain images, influence of colors, etc., that neuromarketing can provide, the interaction between a customer and the brands have become more relevant.
In a world where approximately 80% of new products fail, providing a unique and distinctive sensory stimulus with positive partnerships and commitment to the customer driven by an effective digital experience for the customer is the most relevant opportunity to increase brand loyalty .

Never forget that the perception of your brand is as good as the reality.