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The Family of Man

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The Family of Man

The Family of Man

The most famous photographic exhibition of all time by oscar colorado nates steichenfamilyofman entrance to The family of man, the most important photographic exhibition of all time. The family of man exhibition constituted a zenith in humanist photography . First shown at the museum of modern art in new york, it was the culmination. Of edward steichens career as curator of photography at this legendary institution.

The objective of the exhibition was to offer a vision of. The person through images of human interest in a broad sense as well as the ties that unite people regardless of their location, race, sex or age. Edward steiche, curator of photography at moma. 1955 edward steichen, curator of photography at moma. 1955 the family of man offered a portrait of humanity, emphasizing not only the coincidences between men, but also their belonging to a common family.


The exhibition was organized around 37 themes.

Birth, childhood, education, youth, work background remove service maturity, old age, women, health, marriage, joy, sadness, death, fun… strolling through the rooms you can see of the number of common aspects of the human being, of the few differences between the inhabitants of guatemala with respect to those of japan. We are all made with the same mold, we follow the same path, we are part of the same cycle. The same goodness, the same badness.

” 1 “both steichens idea and the spread of the family of man are clear signs of the new times that followed world war ii on the one hand. The desire to recover the calm of everyday life, away from battlefields and of concentration. On the other, the predominant role of the united states in the world art scene…” 2 visitors waiting to enter the traveling. Exhibition, in this case in johannesburg south africa visitors waiting to enter the traveling exhibition, in this case in johannesburg south africa in addition to including the work of established photographers, a call was opened to the public.

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The organizers received a total of two million images.

Edward steichen explained “we are looking for photographs CEO Email List that cover the range of human relationships, particularly the hardtofind photographs of the mans daytoday relationship with himself, family, community and the world in which he lives.” 3 finally, 503 images were chosen from 273 photographers from 68 different nations. The exhibition ended up being exhibited in an itinerant way in 37 countries. With 69 different places of exhibition for 8 years.

4 view of the original exhibition. 1955view of the original exhibition. 1955 view of the original exhibition. 1955 despite the great success among the general public, many specialists including. Roland barthes criticized the family of man calling the exhibition sentimental, naive, excessively optimistic and even pretentious. 5 many photographers. Were offended by the utilitarian way in which photography itself had been treated, especially. When steichen himself was responsible for the alleged outrage. However, the curator had sought more to use photography for a moral purpose than an artistic one. Basically, the exhibition did not try to promote photographers or photography per se.