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The great journey of Jordi Pizarro: Interview

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The great journey of Jordi Pizarro: Interview

The great journey of Jordi Pizarro: Interview

The adventures and misadventures of a spanish photographer who, at just 30 years old, makes longterm documentary projects in southeast asia and publishes in media such as forbes , le monde , spiegel , time magazine or national geographic . Interview by oscar colorado nates jordi pizarro torrel is a young spanish photographer, barely 30 years old, who has lived the dream of an entire generation going to live in an exotic place, exhibiting his work and seeing himself published in the pages of the most prestigious magazines in the world.

Not everything has been hunkydory and jordi shares what he has learned with us. Oc how did you start in photography My mother is a sculptor and throughout her life she has exhibited. As a child I was always in the mud and making plastic things I loved her and I had a great time. When the time came, I decided to do art school because it was clear to me that I didnt want to be locked up in an office. There I met photography in analog process, darkroom and I fell in love with it.


OC And then came Southeast Asia.

From a very young age I began to live alone. At 19, I was e-commerce photo editing working nights to pay for everything. It was very complicated and I fell asleep in class so I only went to photography classes. I dropped out of school and started working as a wedding photographer, first working for someone else and then setting up my own company and doing very well. A wedding is a special day in which people open their doors to you, there are many emotions and you have the opportunity to photograph it and on top of that you are welcome, it is easy to have access wherever you want.

Hemp magazine jordi pizarro in hemp magazine oc how do you go. From wedding photography to photojournalism I began every week to contact the newspapers he sent what was happening in. Barcelona demonstrations, anything and everything. They never bought anything from me, until one day I took some photos. That no one had and that the press was interested in.

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what advice would you give to emerging photographers?

Then I began to collaborate with newspapers, little by little. Two CEO Email List or three years later I already had a few assignments a year until I did a job in morocco on hashish trafficking I got a job offer in a newspaper where they offered me a fixed space. I.O. Donna magazine jordi pizarro in io donna magazine oc there is a distance. Between a photographic work order from a newspaper and undertaking strictly personal documentary projects.

How did you get there I began to discover author photography and photojournalism. When I started sending photos to the media and after working permanently with the newspaper. However, I became disillusioned with the reality of working in a newsroom. It was to spend every day from top to bottom. Making photo orders that expired and that in the end are useless. There are a lot of pressures and they dont give you the time to do a serious project. On one occasion I had to take photos of an eviction of a father with two children.