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We all want the posts on our blog to be read and go viral. We want to have visits, comments and sharing. And if we achieve that the article is positioned among the first results of the search Pharmacy Database engines, the feeling of triumph that invades us is indescribable.

Is that so, or not?

Having visitors on a blog (especially if it is corporate) can make our company known and position ourselves as experts in the sector . In the medium and long term, surely this positioning will become possible clients.

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However, to get results from a blog we must know the secrets that hide the search engines. The ideal theme, the density of keywords or the length of the writing are key for Google to catapult us to the top positions.

 Today we will give you a hand in the last concept that we mentioned: the ideal extension of the publications of your blog. Attentive!


Here’s the answer: Long articles , between 1,000 and 2,500 words, are the ones that help increase the organic traffic.

The reason is simple: the longer the text, the more hints the search engines have to determine the theme of the publication.

The only advantage is not only that. When writing a long post, you are likely to deal with several related topics. Thus, you could achieve positioning in Google with “long tail” keywords , that is, keywords or long and specific phrases that users also use to perform searches (although less frequently).

Let’s see an example. There is currently an oversaturation in search engines for keywords like “Women’s dresses”. On the other hand, if we try to position ourselves with words like “red night dresses for women” (keywords “long tail”), we probably manage to climb several positions and, consequently, receive more visits.

Finally, in a post of more than 2,500 words you will avoid keyword stuffing . This malign SEO technique consists of using too many keywords within a text. It could be understood as an “over-optimization” practice that years ago could give results, but right now it is penalized by search engines.

So, writing long posts will allow you to position yourself better, avoid SEO practices that are not recommended, such as keyword stuffing, and also position yourself for more than one theme at the same time. It’s not bad, right?


It is clear that not all companies have the necessary resources (or experts with writing skills) to devote the attention they deserve to blog articles.

In those cases, the ideal thing is to write posts that exceed 300 words and, if possible, that reach 1,000 . This is what Yoast explains in his blog , the WordPress plugin that helps you improve the positioning of your website.

In this way we will give the search engines enough material to understand the topic we are talking about.


Yes, In all cases it is important to write the articles well and structure them properly. Otherwise, readers will not finish reading them, nor will they share or go viral.

In short, we will have made an effort to write a quality post that will not be read by anyone afterwards.

For that reason, never forget to build posts well, write clearly and concisely and create short paragraphs. The user will thank you infinitely!