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The Knowledge That Users Will Gain is Essential to Their Lives,

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The Knowledge That Users Will Gain is Essential to Their Lives,

But it is also relevant to help them move forward in the buying journey. They will know more about the topic that interests them, which in turn will lead them to have more confidence in your brand and make the right purchase decision.

By doing so, your business will stand out in the minds of leads. After all, the experience with interactive content is fascinating, like a game.

Additionally, your team can collect information about them that can help improve targeting and produce new pieces of content. Also, the company will contact you again with more value and the right solution for your needs.

What are the main data visualization tools?

We can conclude this discussion with examples of tools for you to start evaluating the possibility of investing in data visualization.

Next, we will mention the most relevant and useful ones that you can use for data visualization.

D3 Data-Driven Documents or data-oriented documents. It is a JavaScript-based data visualization tool.

It is extremely simple and flexible, allowing businesses to Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists create and share visual information online. Its main advantage is that it can be structured from the beginning in all kinds of interactive digital media.

There’s just one problem: D3 is more of an API than a tool. It is low level and will probably require some programming to start.

HighCharts is a data visualization platform.

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists

It is easy to use and includes chart creation and interaction support. It has excellent integration with JavaScript and Gantt, and can offer specific features depending on the type of data you’re using.

Unfortunately, the visual part leaves a bit to be desired. Some of the designs are outdated and the customization features are limited.

Leaflet is also based on JavaScript and supports interaction, but its niche is more about visualizing data on maps. It combines the power of interactive content with a great API for visual information.

It is simple to use and incorporate. However, like D3, it will require some development effort to get it to work.

Vega is another flexible and powerful tool for creating great charts from available and constantly changing data. It generates a JSON format with numerous possibilities, from internal reports to Content Marketing.

As in the other examples, it requires programming. Another drawback is the simplicity of its visuals, something that matters when the objective of the information is to engage people.